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[Leaks] Major update Windows Phone 8.1 to be pushed by April 2014

Major update Windows Phone 8.1 to be pushed by April 2014

Lots and lots of leaks and rumors we have learned in recent months about the upcoming update. Major update of Windows Phone 8.1. Then how about the functionality already have some information, the question remains: will be sent when the update Windows Phone 8.1? Earlier reputable blogger, Mary Jo Foley, reported that Windows Phone 8.1 will be distributed in April this year.

Today is another source confirmed this information. In Twitter Nawzil, which used postsilt credible rumors about Windows Phone, the following information:

Release to Manufacturers: March 
Release to Developers: April 
Release to Users: May

According to the tweet, Windows Phone 8.1 will be distributed to producers in March, a month later.Developers in April, immediately after the conference, Build, and users in May. Very pleased that everyone will be able to install the update on the same day. All that the user will need to do is download the application Preview for Developers, which debuted along with updating GDR3. Under the new program, developers can install the update on their devices before general distribution. History with Windows Phone 8.1 should be the same. This will allow developers to write applications for the new version of the system and publish them at the time of the global distribution. Very comfortable and not have to wait months for updates.

What can you expect from Windows Phone 8.1? Currently Windows Phone 8 GDR3 very close to the level of competition – iOS and Android. But still lacks basic functions such as notification center (most expected) and voice assistant. In addition, Windows Phone 8.1 should open the door to more affordable smartphones through the use of virtual buttons and support for smartphones with two SIM cards. All this will allow Windows Phone to win more market users.

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  1. I hope SD card support for apps and games will be coming with 8.1..

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