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[Leaks] Nokia Normandy – first phone from Nokia With Android OS


Nokia Normandy – first phone from Nokia With Android OS

It seems that Nokia has finally decided to take advantage of the plan “B” and the release of Android-devices. @ EvLeaks recently published image Nokia Normandy and all resources, including ours, thought it was a new member of the line Nokia Asha. It turned out that this is not so. Information that Nokia is working on Projects “Mountain View” (or simply over the Android-powered device), appeared long ago. All Nokia fans piously believed that the plan “B” will never be realized. 

Nokia Normandy will be the next word in the budget devices Nokia. The device will operate on a non-standard version of Android, as the Kindle Fire. What does this mean? In fact, the device runs on Android, but does not have access to Google Play Market (Kindle Fire in your store). Normandy will support Android-applications (Skype and many other popular applications). It is not known whether Nokia will release this device before finalizing the deal with Microsoft. It is illogical to think that the device will be released after a deal with Microsoft. Think about it – will Microsoft release budget smartphones on Android, if Windows Phone works fine on cheap devices while selling like hotcakes (Nokia Lumia 520)?
Many sources report that Normandy is designed as a representative of Asha-line, only runs on Android OS. This solution will offer users an affordable, full-featured smartphone with a traditional smartphone applications that are actively trying to do so with the Nokia Asha OS. Using Android in its own way (like Amazon), will make it possible to configure the system as it wishes Nokia. After all, one of the many pluses Android – total customization.

The situation is quite complicated, is not it?

Based on materials from The Verge.

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  1. Nokia is now an Microsoft company then how can you expect an android phone from nokia……

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