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[Leaks] Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center revealed in New video


Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center revealed in New video

Another day, another leak. Yesterday, the new swipe keyboard for Windows Phone 8.1 was shown on video and today it’s the more interesting Action Center. Users swipe down from the top to reveal the center, which gives 4 selectable quick actions. In addition, the Action Center also houses the Notification Center, where users can see all the missed incoming Toast notifications, as well as silent ones too.

Leaked Video:

The video matches up with an earlier, initial leak of the Action Center.

Delving into Settings for the Action Center, we can see that users have a wide range of choices for the quick-action bar, including Bluetooth, Brightness, Camera, Flight Mode, Internet Sharing, Location, Project my Screen and Rotation Lock. For Messaging, users can opt to show notifications and change the sound for those messages.

Windows Phone Central has not yet verified the authenticity of the video, though Unleash the Phones did post a legitimate video of the swipe keyboard. We’ll update with more as information comes in.

Update: The video is real, but the build is a ‘few weeks old’ meaning this may not be the final way it looks.

All in all, Action Center looks to be the big ticket item that users will make the most out of in Windows Phone 8.1. On first glance, we’re highly impressed. What about you?

Check out our full feature list for Windows Phone 8.1 here.

Source: Unleash the Phones; Thanks, Doomguy, for the tip

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