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[Leaks] Windows Phone 8.1 New Features List and Screenshots


Windows Phone 8.1 New Features List and Screenshots

All records of observing changes in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK were published in social network Reddit. First of all, the developer saw signs merger Windows RT and Windows Phone. In Windows Phone 8.1 SDK was added template to build “universal applications” that will run on Windows Phone and Windows RT. This means that the developers have the opportunity to make an application once and publish it in two stores – Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. All of these applications will use a single code written in HTML and JavaScript.


In addition, Microsoft changed the format of applications for Windows Phone. All known XAP now becomes APPX . This is the format used on Windows RT. But it’s not the most exciting news. Users can now install applications on SD-CARD. This was made ​​possible thanks to a new application Storage Sense, which is responsible for allocating memory on the device and monitoring such. In Storage Sense user will also be able to choose the place where you will put his boot – memory card or the phone memory. In the application code in the file, you can change WMAppManifest access to install on SD-card.

Microsoft now allow developers to create applications that will work with the default messaging . This will work as a standard work shift camera application in Windows Phone GDR2. The user comes to settings and choose which application works with messages. Why not build client vkontakte?

Besides Storage Sense, added another program from the family “Sense”. It’s called Battery Sense is focused on monitoring and battery device . It seems that a lot of applications to work with the battery will lose its raison d’être. Why buy what you have by default in the system, and still free?


The system will support VPN. course, rebranding cloud storage . Now everywhere in the system, there are inscriptions OneDrive, instead of SkyDrive. Separate applications Xbox Music and Xbox Video, Microsoft announced that a couple of months ago, will be combined into a single application and will be available out of the box. They are called Xbox Music + Video. Also added a new application for working with podcasts, but it is not known what it is like.

Changes multitasking. Developer reports that by pressing the “back”, the application does not close and will pause and instantly stopped rebuilding on the site launch of tiles. Likewise, it is done in Windows 8.1. Another new thing in common. To close an application, the user just need to pull the top down and the application closes. Just as in Windows 8.1

Updated built-in application camera and now it looks like the app Nokia Camera. It redesigned user interface and added burst mode. Added touch screen camera shutter button, mode switch button change lenses, flash activation button and changing button camera.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8.1 removed support Facebook , but added synchronization account iCloud. Last sounds at least strange. While Facebook-integration removed, Twitter is still present. It is not known whether intentional or delete Facebook glitch. In Windows 8.1 has been specially cleaned integration with the most popular social networks in the world.

Changes in Internet Explorer. Now does much better and best of all, it can play YouTube videos not only in full-screen mode, as it is now, and right on the page and the browser. This allows users to reduce the pain from a lack of YouTube-client. IE also adds support for WebGL.

As for the voice assistant, here curtain is lowered. When you try to run a search from Bing search button, SDK fails. Obviously, Microsoft is in no hurry to reveal cards relatively Cortana.

This is a very large, very interesting and very good news for fans of Windows Phone. We are confident that tomorrow the world will know more about the Windows Phone 8.1, which was released in April 2014 at the conference Build.

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