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[Leaks] Windows Phone 8.1 to support fourth Live Tile size


Windows Phone 8.1 to support fourth Live Tile size

According to new rumors, update Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft will add in even more personalization. On the home screen, users will be available is not three but four tile size. Wrote about it on his Twitter Nawzil, who previously published a lot of true “leaks” regarding Windows Phone.

According to the tweet, the operating system will be four versions of tiles: small, medium (4 small), wide (8 small) and large (12 or 16 small). Additional information about the amount of tiles appeared when Nokia on his Facebook page published image Nokia Lumia 1520 outside the large size of the two tiles. This change is quite obvious, because in Windows 8.1, which will soon become a Windows Phone a single entity, there is tile size 4.


If we trace the history of Windows Phone, you can see that the home screen changed with almost every update. In Windows Phone 7.5 users can access only one size tiles – square (now the average tile) and wide – only for calendar and photos. Then came Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8, which expanded on the screen and added the ability to change the size of the tiles from the smallest to medium and wide. Last Update Windows Phone GDR3 added support three rows of tiles for smartphones with large screens and resolutions. Will change the tiles in Windows Phone 8.1? Most likely, yes.

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