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[Leaks] Few more Windows Phone 8.1 Features titbits


Here is a round-up of a few more Windows Phone 8.1 titbits uncovered today.

Via Windows Phone Lover, we now know that developers will be able to disable screen shots for certain apps, which is good news for Snapchat and similar apps.

The relevant MUI line is:

You cannot capture protected content or the app that was disabled by company policy.


Also the Me tile remains in Windows Phone 8.1, and still allows features such as forwarding social media content and retweeting.

Techrum.vn notes that when apps are installed on SD card the content of the apps are pretty exposed on the card, leaving much opportunity for hacking game scores, levels and so forth. Of course we already know developers of sensitive applications can prevent their apps from being installed on SD cards.

imageVia Matteo, the developer of Reedability, we now know some of the latest build numbers of Windows Phone 8.1 are 8.10.123130.0. The emulator build is 8.10.12298, so so far pretty close to up to date.

Do Not Disturb and VIP Contacts feature

From earlier leaks from the WP8.1 SDK we have already heard about the Inner Circle and Quiet Hours feature.

Now from the MUI files, uncovered by Windows Phone Lovers, we can learn a bit more about how it works.


The feature is similar the Do Not Disturb feature on iOS where you can set your phone to not notify you of call or text messages during certain hours.

The feature works together with the new Inner Circle feature, where you can add up to 40 contacts to the group, who will then be allowed to call you even when Do Not Disturb is active.

The new feature is another which will help bring parity between Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems.

Live Lock Screen apps and Facebook Friends app recommendations

More examination of the MUI resources for various apps in Windows Phone 8 has revealed some more new features.

One of them is Live Lock Screen apps. Unfortunately its not exactly clear what these are, but the MUI file for Kids Corner, as uncovered by Windows Phone Lover, shows that Kids Corner will not work with these enabled, suggesting they may be interactive.


Another titbit uncovered by Windows Phone Lover is that the Windows Phone Store will now give you app recommendations based on your Facebook friends, which is another sign that Facebook integration is not quite going away in Windows Phone.

Start screen backgrounds and IE11 tab sync confirmed

One of them is the controversial ability to set a background photo as your start screen background. Apparently WP8.1 will also be able to automatically set your accent colour to match.


In addition the 3 column start screen may become optional for devices with smaller screens

Another less controversial and much wanted feature is the ability to sync tabs from IE11, already a feature in Windows 8.1. The browser will also support a Reading mode to reformat articles for easier readability, and also an InPrivate browsing mode.

It seems that Windows Phone 8.1 is very much shaping up to be the one that will address every complaint users ever had about the OS.

More freedom: in WP 8.1 MP3 files will now download directly to your Music folder

Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing a sea change to Windows Phone, seemingly turning it into simply a version of Windows 8 optimised for the small screen, without much of the restrictions we have become used to on Windows Phone earlier.

The latest news is that IE11 in Windows Phone 8.1 will allow you to download media, and then automatically save and add them to your media libraries.

downloadsIn the case of an MP3, as can be seen in the screen shot above from forum Techrum.vn, it is possible to download an MP3 directly from the web and it will be saved to your music folder, from where it can be opened in the Music app. The same will apply to video also.

If the extension is unknown to Windows Phone the files will be saved to the Downloads folder we wrote about earlier.

All indications are that Windows Phone will also get a File Manager, which may be integrated with the OneDrive app.

Windows Phone 8.1 now include a Downloads folder

The new browser upload feature on Windows Phone 8.1 gives us an interesting look at the file system of Windows Phone, and it is rather striking that the OS now includes provision for a Downloads folder, much like grown-up Windows, and that the file picker appears to allow access to arbitrary files.


browser upload 3 share documents
Also of note is that Documents can now be shared via whatever service will accept them, including NFC/Bluetooth/WIFI Direct, and is no longer limited to simply email.

With a File Manager also being leaked recently, overall the changes we are seeing will give a much greater feeling of depth to the OS, which should hopefully satisfy those who feel the need to be in control of their experience and also help those edge cases for whom the usual scenarios do not work.

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