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List of Android Apks working for Windows 10 Mobile (Downloads) (29-08-15)


List of Android Apks working for Windows 10 Mobile (Downloads)

Here we have listed out all the apks that are confirmed to be working by the users themselves. We have also started a new section apk for windows, where we will add all the tested and working apk. We we also remove google services integration to make the app usage better. You can use any apk deployers to easily deploy apks.

Users have started to collate lists to save everyone time, which has let us create this short list of actually working apps below:

  • 3Dmark – Not Working
  • 5guys – Not Working
  • 2Fuse
  • 500px – Download apk
  • A+VCE Player
  • Acer browser
  • Antutu
  • AirBnB
  • AliExpress – Not Working
  • Allthecooks – Not Working
  • Amazon Echo – Not Working
  • Amazon Kindle – Not Working
  • AndroIRC
  • ANZ Bank GoMoney app
  • ANZ Grow
  • Arcane Legends
  • Asus Browser
  • Bank of America app
  • Battlelog – Not Working
  • Beetalk
  • Bleacher report
  • Bindle
  • Boom Beach  – Download apk
  • Buzzfeed
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga –  Download apk
  • Capital One – Not Working
  • Citi Mobile
  • Chrome – Not Working
  • Clash of Clans – Download apk
  • Cox Connect
  • CPUz
  • Destiny Companion App
  • Digg
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Discover
  • Dr Driving
  • EA Sorts UFC – Download apk
  • Ebay
  • epocrates
  • ES File Explorer – Download apk
  • Facebook
  • Fallout Shelter –  Download apk
  • Fandango
  • Fing – Not Working
  • Firefox – Not Working
  • Feedly
  • Five Night at Freddy’s 4 – Download apk
  • Flipboard – Download apk
  • Grindr
  • Geometry wars 3 – Not Working
  • Hearthstone
  • Hike
  • IMDB – Not Working
  • Imgur – Not Working
  • Inrix – Not Working
  • InstagramNot Working
  • JuiceSSH – Works Partial
  • Microsoft Account – Not Working
  • Messenger – Not Working
  • Minecraft – Not Working
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • MLB at the Ballpark
  • MSGA Golf
  • N64oid
  • Nest
  • Ninjump
  • Nook
  • Number 26
  • Odeon app
  • Office suite 8
  • OneDrive beta
  • Onenote – Not Working
  • Opera – Not Working
  • Only One
  • Pizzahut
  • Phillips Hue
  • Pingdom
  • Pinterest
  • Plague Inc
  • Playstation – Not Working
  • Poweramp – Not Working
  • Puzzle and dragons – Not Working
  • Prehistoric  Worm
  • Retrica –  Download apk
  • Redstore Federal Credit Union
  • ScreenConnect
  • Snapseed
  • Soundcloud
  • Sparebanken Vest
  • Starbucks – Not Working
  • Steam
  • Sunrise
  • SnapchatDownload apk (Login Fails)
  • Sync for Reddit
  • Tango
  • Tapatalk
  • Team Speak – Not Working
  • Teamviewer – Not Working
  • Telstra24x7
  • Temple Run OZ
  • Timehop
  • Tinder
  • tinyCam Monitor Pro
  • Toggl time tracker
  • Tumblr
  • Twitch – Works Partial
  • Twitter – Works Partial
  • Ulster Bank ROI
  • VLC
  • Wikia Game Guides – Download apk
  • Wikipedia
  • Words with Friends
  • Worms 2 Armageddon
  • Xfinity – Works Partial
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Yatze
  • Zeen
  • Zipcar

More will be added soon. we advise you bookmark this page.

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  1. Will games like need for speed no limits work

  2. i installed these apk on my lumia 930 win 10 build 10166 and on build 10536.1000 .. and worked fine :
    apk list :
    1.Filedrop (working charm and copy files to the sub android system lik obb games data ^_^).
    2.facebook-messenger v.41-0-0-15-125 (work fine but sometimes slow animation but v not working ).
    3.RootExplorerv3.3.6 (working fine but explorer file system need root access ).
    4.TubeMate2.2.6.645 (working fine and downloaded files is working in the app ).
    5.KeepSafe_5.1.16(working fine but need to upload files from the android sub system not the windows phone studio so need to Filedrop to copy files to the android sub system and then it working and uploading like a charm ).
    6.IntotheDead game (working fine).
    7.Freeze!2-Brothersv1.11 (working fine on build 10536.1000 but sometimes crash on build 10166).
    8.KMPlayer.Pro (working fine ).

    i hope this help. thank.

  3. You can add to this list 4 more apps:
    Case Clicker (worked fine)
    Case simulator(worked fine)
    case simulator 2(worked fine)
    PewDiePie: The legend of Brofist (works but lags and crashes on loading screen)

    Noticed that when apk is running, battery drains faster and phone heats up very fast.

  4. Aliexpress is working fine here on my Lumia 820 W10 i dont really know what the build is.

  5. can i instal this APK in lumia 620 . my phone windows 10 10512????

  6. Can you Mod APK BBM that can working on Astoria…? I’ve deploy APK BBM, Login Screen was showing, but after that, it’s loading too long & never finish…

  7. Minecraft is working but he’s laggy soo on my lumia 920
    Minecraft is working!

  8. I have installed these apk and working fine on lumia 920 windows mobile 10 insider build 10480.
    list of working apk are :
    1) Messenger with live notifications but lags in speed.
    2) Whats app with live notifications but lags in speed and vioce call.
    3) Telegram for android works like a charm .
    4) Blackmarket for android working but lags a bit in speed.
    5) Shareit also working fine on :) .
    6) Subway Surfers installed but crashes sometimes when 30% loading is complete. :/
    7) Candy Crush Soda Saga . (graphics bugs)
    8) Tango for android.

  9. Is there any way to turn off developer mode after installing the apk and then running the app without developer mode? There is risk of bricking the phone if it is crashed/restarted accidentally.

  10. any luck with making this apk working on the Lumia 635 (512mb RAM)?!

  11. I found this on WPPW and I want you to try this and tell it this trick working or not to run big games like MAx Payne and Prince Of Persia Classic which required additional obb data-

    Installing the Android games with cache for Windows Phone 10:

    1) Install *.apk game, via PC (comand line – adb install and etc.)
    2) Install the ES Explorer, via PC (or any other that support files download)
    3) Take the link to download the cache, and copy to your smartphone in any way (I’m used clipboard) (for example – link cache WOT:
    4) Download it through the ES Explorer (to download in environment android)
    5) Move to the desired folder via the phone (ex. Android/Data/Obb)
    6) Done! start the game

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