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maaloo Geocaching v1.9.4.0 – Windows Phone Xap


maaloo Geocaching v1.9.4.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Geocaching Live API, Outdoor, GPS, Compass, Offline Maps, Munzee

maaloo Geocaching is an Outdoor App designed for Geocaching and hiking.

Live access to Search and log your geocaches online!

Now with proximity alarm, acoustic signals dependent on the distance to your target.

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Geocaching features:
* Find Geocaches (Traditional, Multi-Caches, ..)
* Filter Geocaches by Difficulty, Terrain, Type, Owner and Name
* Download and save caches
* Log Geocaches and Trackables
* Add and edit your own stages to caches
* Import Pocket Queries from, Dropbox or URL

Map features:
* Download maps for offline use
* OpenStreetMap, Cycle and Hike with many details for outdoor
* Bing and Google maps up to zoom level 20!
* Map Rotation by Compass or GPS-Direction
* Show transparent Compass-overlay on map
* Special local maps for Finland, Norway, Sweden
* User defined map provider, use your local map tile server

* Online munzee nearby search on map
Update v1.9x
+ GUI-improvements
+ Offline and online Helpers to solve mystery and stages tasks
+ Better handling for stages and notes
+ Support of all cache types (incl. virtual, webcam, ..)
+ Munzee icons and nearby online import

Download Link : maaloo Geocaching v1.9.4.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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