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[WP8] Mass Effect Infiltrator v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Mass Effect Infiltrator v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched wp8 Xap. Works on 512 but laggy

2gb space to install the game.

As Commander Shepard battles Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno procures aliens for illicit experiments at a secret facility. But when the Director of the facility goes too far – Randall fights back and vows to bring Cerberus down!

Can you fight your way off the hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret research to the Alliance?

Move freely through massive exteriors and a fully realized Cerberus base. Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Windows Phone gameplay.


Featuring both manual and assisted aiming, use intuitive tap control for fast-paced fighting. Fluidly dive and roll for cover with a simple swipe. Engage in epic boss battles against Cerberus Mechs and twisted experiment victims.

Harness the fury of high-tech armor and weapons. Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities, and devastating melee attacks. Upgrade your gear and performance with credits – the quicker and more stylish your kills, the more credits you’ll earn. Also, access the bonus Turian mission and escape the medical bay…alive!

Crush Cerberus and shape the future of the galaxy. The outcome depends on YOU in Mass Effect: Infiltrator!

Windows Market

Both 512 & 1gb ram

Download Xap : Mass Effect Infiltrator v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Mirror : Mass Effect Infiltrator v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Baidu : Mass Effect Infiltrator v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Torrent Link (Please Seed)

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  1. Hai u the admin i m getting error while deploying i m getting wmappmanifest.xml capabilities set…how can i fix plz if u didnt rply u waste my 500 mb…

  2. Not working for Lumia 520 with Windows Phone 8.1. Need somebody to update it. Please. Always give WMAppManifest problem. Really tired using a googling.

  3. AppManifest.xaml error… file is not present in xap…
    please provide this single file download…

  4. Links dead please reupload.

  5. how to deploy .zip?

  6. All links are deleted, can u upload again plz?

  7. wphub is just great.thank you for all your hard work and i loved modern combat 4 for 512 mb.great job,but please upload your files on torrent otherwise its difficult to download some games.thanks for reaper full version also.please update amazing spidey 2 ,mass effect and mc5.mass effect shows error while deploying related to manifest file.keep up the good work :-)

  8. pls update file links

  9. links deleted.pls reupload

  10. None of the links are working :( :'(

  11. Umm can i test this game on my L520? or not? please reply :):)

  12. it’s working ok 512 ram devices!?, because the game crashes after the earphones message :(

  13. Crashes after headphone screen appear.Have 2.4GB free.
    what to do,admin

  14. How to fix runtime error pls …. Reply admin…

  15. Crashes after Headphones and live tiles have been removed how to fix? L625

  16. how to install this game i can’t understand, Rar file i extract in pc but didn’t know what to do :/

    Help plz!!!!!!

  17. Works fine on my Lumia 520

  18. hey bro please help… i installed this game on my Nokia Lumia 520…….. unpinned all live tiles have about 4 gb free storage but the game still crashes after displaying use headphones for good experience………..Please help me…!!!

  19. does not work 520 please fix !!!!

  20. i have unpined all live tile and when i open the game it still crash.

  21. how to install?

  22. Doesn’t start on my lumia 520, even after i unpinned live tiles, uninstalled all games (none were too good :) and blocked all apps with battery saver to not work in background.
    I still have about 2.4 gb of free space available on my phone. But still crashes as soon as it is displayed “wear headphones for best experience” or somthing.
    Help, please!

    • exactly !!!!!!!!!!!! please help

      • WpHub, pls, really wanted to play this game on my 520! It deployed properly and I even tried resetting my phone to increase memory filled in the “others” section of the memory.
        After deployment, i have 3.1 gb of free memory, no live tiles except calendar, cortana , whatsapp and facebook and to further save ram, blocked ALL background tasks.
        PLS HELP!!! Modern combat 4 from your site worked perfectly on my 520, but this…

  23. please help it does no open it quits asson as i open it

  24. It opens says use headphones for good experience then quits and goes to start screen please fix and please fast also i deployed with the power tool i have win 8.1

  25. It doesnt works on my Lumia 520

  26. suraj kumar sharma

    unable to play on lumia 520(wp8.1)….

  27. Work on 512mb ram phone? On my Lumia 520 this do an error when i deploy it, help me. pls

  28. It doesn’t work on my lumia 520

  29. Work on Lumia 520? Is patched for 512mb? Because doesn’t work on my Lumia 520.

  30. I think you should make your own windows phone hyb app like wpc I love your work and I watch news given by u It help people lost once again thanku for your great efforts….

  31. I’ve tried to download it on my Lumia 625 but I receive an error message saying the store is unable to access…Is there any reason? Thanks


  33. if possible, please patch it for 512 MB RAM Devices…

  34. tested on my lumia 920 and it worked perfectly well thanx for the upload…:)

  35. Updated patched wp8 unlocked Xap

  36. I had 1.9 gb of free space on my Lumia 920 but it still says invalid xap…..

  37. XAP INVALID… lumia 520 and 720 tested..

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