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Matches v1.2.2.363 – Windows Phone Xap


Matches v1.2.2.363 – Windows Phone Xap

Note: We have started work on the second part of the game Matches. If you have any suggestion please email us at [email protected] Thank you :)

About game

The aim of this logical game is to solve a mathematical equation by moving certain number of matches.

There are four levels to be solved.

The first level Hummingbird – 1match to move
The second level Mockinbird – 2 matches to move
The third level Falcon – 3 matches to move
The fourth level Hawk – 4 matches to move

On each level one move equals one point. If a player uses a hint one point is lost. The hints are available from the second level.

To move to the next level a player has to solve certain number of equations starting from the Hummingbird level, for example the Hummingbird level – 300 simple equtions. On each level it it possible to choose the other/next eqation by clicking Next. It is also possible to come back to the previous move.

The Multiplayer option is the game for two players – it is a simpler version of the game. The multiplayer mode works only in the same WIFI network.

– added 10000 new equations
– new music made by Sławomir “Chofer” Zając for home screen and game play screen
– bugfixes reported errors
– solved the problem with Asian characters
– more and more bonus points
– during the game you can earn bonus points
– new language: German
– music
– bugfix: isolatedstorage exception
– better responsiveness
– new language: Chinese
– protection against accidental start new game
– general performance enhancements

– first version

Windows Market

Download Xap : Matches v1.2.2.363 – Windows Phone Xap

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