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Microsoft Meteor Is the Ultimate Windows Phone Concept

As it turns out, Microsoft doesn’t see such a bright future for its phone strategy, but it’s no secret that there are plenty of users out there who still hope that, at some point, Windows Phone can become a more solid platform that actually receives the support of its parent company.

In the meantime, Microsoft is ignoring Windows Phone, but this isn’t stopping designers from imagining how it could be improved in the future. This is how concepts that envision new Windows 10 Mobile features or devices come to life.

Today’s concept is called Microsoft Meteor and shows a Windows phone that’s more of a mix between several other devices, as it includes design cues borrowed even from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

As ConceptPhones puts it, this concept is inspired by another one that we talked about a few days ago and which came with a <a… (read more)

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