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Microsoft Reveals Another Major Drop for Windows Phone

It’s no longer a surprise that Windows Phone is declining, and with Microsoft not really active in this market in the last year, it’s hard to imagine that anything could change overnight.

As a result, the company’s FY 2017 Q1 financial results reveal another decline for Windows Phone, only a couple of months before Microsoft is expected to kill off the Lumia brand and continue this dropping trend.

Specifically, Microsoft said the Phone revenue declined 72 percent (down 71 percent in constant currency), but the company doesn’t seem to be at all concerned, mostly because its other units performed relatively well.

Windows OEM revenue, for instance, was flat year-over-year, slightly ahead of the PC market as the company itself said, while gaming revenue recorded a small drop of 5 percent. What’s interesting is that Xbox Live has a total of 47 million active users, down from 49 million the quarter before, but still an improvement from 39 million year-over-year.

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