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[WP8.1+] Mirror’s Edge v1.1.31.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Mirror’s Edge v1.1.31.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Immerse yourself in the world of Faith Connors – an underground “Runner” who must bolt into action to stop a deadly threat in a “perfect society” full of sinister surveillance and relentless pursuers.

Run up walls, slide down ramps, ride zip lines, and hurdle between rooftops as you burn through 14 levels of increasing intensity. Think fast on your feet, engage in furious hand-to-hand combat, elude your enemies, and push yourself to the very edge.

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Upload your best scores to the Xbox Live Leaderboards so your Xbox Live friends can compete against you.

Absorb the breathtaking graphics as you pound through a stunning cityscape flooded with realistic sounds, a pulsating soundtrack, and dynamic camera angles. You’ve never seen or felt a game quite like this.

Download Xap : Mirror’s Edge v1.1.31.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Download Link : Mirror’s Edge v1.1.31.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Download Mirror’s Edge from Windows Store :

Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge
Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: Free

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  1. none of the links are working, plz update! ty

  2. Sir I have downloaded this game but where I can find that installer.Any suggestion.I am using Lumia 630,512mb ram,

    • use windows phone SDK Lite version. In that Application Deployment software will b there using that u can install in Your phone

  3. So Do I have to JailBreak or Something to Install

  4. I installed but goes to softwares list and not in games list. also I cant use achievements of XBL.!!

  5. Works perfectly on L520

    • I want to ask u a Question!
      Do It take any risk after I Jailbreak and download paid apps/games…….?
      Plz reply fast!

      • If u jailbreak ur windows phone.. Your phone warranty will get void.. so Instead of using Jailbreak use windows phone sdk lite or full version. where u can unlock ur phone and lock also.. in just few simple steps.

  6. I didn’t try this version of which you have uploaded but I have already downloaded this game from another site and it worked perfectly and I completed the game hopefully this also works on my Lumia 920…. I will just let you know if it works… cheers:)

  7. how to instal this game on my lumia 520 all i know there is no jailbreak for windows phone 8 maybe there is another way, please tell me broo..

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