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MusicMadness v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


MusicMadness v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched by Wpviet guys

Do you love Music??? Do you have good and fast reflexes??? Then this game is for you…

Your goal is to hit as many notes as you can by tapping them while they run through the guitar frets.

If you miss the notes then the crowd will be disappointed and will boo to you as the song plays. In order to unlock next levels you must not lose all your lives (by untapped notes)…


The game consists of 3 worlds of different difficulties. Each world consists of 10 levels of different songs. The first 9 levels have ~ 30 secs duration each, while the last one lasts about 2.30 min.

There are over 30 songs to play with and test your capabilities…

Score as many points as you can and become the next guitar idol. Lots of fun and Music Madness!!!

Windows Market

Download Xap : MusicMadness v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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