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[News] Angry Birds Transformers ‘coming soon’ to Windows Phone


Angry Birds Transformers ‘coming soon’ to Windows Phone

Just a few days ago Rovio officially launched on all three mobile OS of their new game – Angry Birds: Epic. Traditional and all the usual birds were transformed first into the racing game, and then in the RPG-game. It seems that the developers A wave of fantasy and they showed Angry Birds: Transformers.

Rovio quite successfully cooperated with Lucastars and use the franchise “Star Wars” in conjunction with a super-populryanym label “Angry Birds” has brought more than one million dollars in profits for both parties. Studio Rovio wants to repeat the success, this time collaborating with the creators of the movie “Transformers.” It is still unknown when it will be released mobile game. It will support the technology to empower Telepod game. The new game will include two types of characters: Autobirds and Deceptihogs.It is less clear whether such promptness robot bird-car successful, but the spin-off Star Wars, along with Angry Birds looked very cool.

Recently, Rovio must understand how diversity, therefore departed from the traditional zapuskaniya birds at pigs into new genres. Last year saw an incomprehensible Angry Birds: Go, and a couple of days ago Angry Birds: Epic – their first RPG. I wonder what is currently in development is also the game Angry Birds: Stella, which will be built around birds Stella.

No detailed sute games, gameplay, story or release dates we do not know. One thing is certain: the game will be F2P, as well as other products Rovio, and will be released on Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Do not seem to you like these attempts to restore its former buzz around Angry Birds a little strange? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. i think it will be for 512 devices

  2. i just cant wait for it

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