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[News] Cortana to get new features soon


Cortana to get new features soon

We love Cortana even despite the fact that we talk with her in different languages. It is in English and Chinese (in part), and we are in Russian. Because English is not a particular problem, the use of Cortana brings a lot of pleasure and convenience. Cortana has a very good opportunity, which very few people are aware. Microsoft Virtual assistant able to be updated without the need to upgrade the system. And this is done very quietly, without warning the user. So you can wake up in the morning and see that Cortana night learned something new.

As reported by users of foreign resources, latest update Cortana brought new emotions assistant. They are expressed in the form of an animated blue circle. In addition, tile assistant displays more information.Update now not accessible to all users, that hints at some testing before sending new functionality to users. But those fortunate enough to try out the new features, report them to the following:

  • When you run out of tiles Cortana, it turns into a bouncing ball, you expressing his joy.
  • Tile shows more icons – the familiar “breathable” circle, weather, traffic, and now the icon of the most weather (rainy, for example – picture clouds with rain).
  • New section in the notebook – interests + notice (now just “interests”).
  • New section with surveys that will help Cortana to know you better.
  • New section with reviews and a link to the screen “Today.”

Another user reports that Cortana now answers the question “What’s My Name?”. Important update.

By combining the information that is already available Cortana in China and will be released soon in the UK, we can conclude that Microsoft is actively working on a virtual girl in your Windows Phone.

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