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[News] Gamelofts Upcoming New Shooter Modern Combat 5 Gameplay details


Gamelofts Upcoming New Shooter Modern Combat 5 Gameplay details

Gameloft is not just considered one of the most successful game studios. Their major releases such as 8 Asphalt, Modern Combat 4 or Amazing Spider Man 2 in millions of copies on all platforms and devices.We expect a new part of one of the best FPS (first person shooter – first person shooter, Eng.) – Modern Combat 5, the details of which are already known. The game will be released on three major platforms – Windows Phone, iOS and Android OS.

Battle between the forces of

Players have an opportunity to build a team and unite to fight the other team from all over the world. In this type of game will be important not only to the ability of individual players, but the team and the ability to act as a single entity. Cover your friends and act together – this is a guarantee of victory. Pick carefully each team member for the most effective game. In your composition can enable players of different classes to create unique opportunities for the team.


Each player will be able to communicate with other players using the global and local chat. Discuss tactics, strategy, its strengths and weaknesses, communicate, meet and make new friends.

Local game and game time

The game will be a lot of modes. As the game in local mode (single user), and the task at a time. The faster you solve the task, the better will be your reward. You will have every second counts.


Your every achievement, every battle, every enemy killed will be counted in the overall statistics, which as a result will create a global high scores table. You can try on their forces with players from all over the world and fight for supremacy in the table. Leaderboards will be three – for the local game for multiplayer and for jobs for a while.

6 versus 6 in the “online”

Multiplayer will attend 4 game modes: “Capture the Flag”, VIP, “for itself” and “Team Deathmatch”. In Modern Combat Multiplayer 5 can play at once 12 players – six from each team. Will separate regime for groups. Victory in this mode will depend on the efficiency of your team, so its composition and skills are very important for victory.

Currently there is no specific time to run the game on Windows Phone, iOS or Android. Gameloft will release Modern Combat 5 in the coming months. Like the previous part, we expect the price of the game for about 7 dollars. By the way, if you are interested in gameplay, graphics, and features can watch video from the popular Apple-blogger Wylsacom, who was able to meet personally with the game:

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