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[News Leaks] Microsoft Surface Phone – Future of nokia phones?

Microsoft is working on its own smartphone before the completion of the deal with Nokia

The report DNAIndia, an anonymous source close to Microsoft said that Microsoft is developing its own smartphone and plans to release it very soon. Director of Windows Phone, Wynette Duran confirmed the existence of such a project:

We expect to complete the deal Nokia and Microsoft to combine devices and hardware business with Nokia software business Nokia. We are considering a project to create branded smartphone from Microsoft but will continue to work with other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

Microsoft’s deal with Nokia will only be completed at the end of the first quarter of 2014 and quite possibly, Surface Phone (concept name) will be released earlier than the Nokia enters into the possession of Microsoft. It is difficult to say whether Surface Phone successful. If you sue on the history of the first Surface (plate), the exaggeration of the price of the device, poor promotion and the resulting $ 900 million in losses, the belief in the success of phone is not very big. It seems that Microsoft is not quite versed in how to survive in the mobile market, as opposed to from Nokia.

While it is difficult to comment on how Microsoft will behave promoting their own devices in the mobile market, but getting the full potential of Nokia, Microsoft released a par with other world producers. It’s a big responsibility, and Microsoft has no margin for error otherwise all that hard work they have received since 2010 will be in vain.


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