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Windows Phones Finally Getting Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Microsoft has finally announced Minecraft Windows 10 Edition for Windows 10 Mobile devices, giving users still sticking with its smartphone operating system the chance to play the game on their phones. This isn’t the first time when Windows phone owners can play Minecraft, as Mojang previously offered the Pocket Edition …

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Microsoft Launches Its Android Kaizala App on Windows 10

Kaizala is a productivity app developed by Microsoft Garage for Android and iOS, but starting today, Windows 10 users can download it on both PCs and smartphones. In essence a secure chat and productivity solution, Kaizala is the project of Microsoft Garage, Redmond’s group responsible for creating experimental apps that …

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Viber Suspends Work on Windows Phone and PC Apps

Long-time Windows phone users are certainly aware that their platform isn’t exactly a priority for some developers, mostly because of the dropping market share, and unfortunately, more app makers seem to be joining this group these days. The latest one to see Windows phones and Windows PCs as a waste …

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