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[News] Upcoming OneDrive Website And New Features Revealed


Upcoming OneDrive Website And New Features Revealed

Microsoft last month announced the re-branding of SkyDrive service to OneDrive. The OneDrive service is yet to be launched and it will include new features when it gets announced. Today, Liveside posted few screenshots of the upcoming OneDrive.com and its new features.

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature called “Co-owners” which will become a new sharing mode for files. “Co-owners” can be selected when you share a folder and create a new one, and the recipient will be able to view, add, edit, and delete files, as well as invite others to access the folder.

The “co-owners” permission also appears works a little differently from the existing permissions. Whilst “view only” and “view and edit” access is applicable to both files and folders, it appears that “co-owners” is applicable to folders only. In addition, “co-owners” cannot be granted to a folder if that folder is located inside a shared folder.

This new “co-owner” permission level, when combined with the folder mounting feature we reported earlier, means that a folder will soon be able to be owned, managed, and synced by more than one person.

OneDrive Co-owner-Folder-Create

In other words, if someone adds you as a co-owner to a folder on their OneDrive, not only can you view, or edit files in that folder, but it will appear as one of your own folders and you will be able to sync these shared files and folders to your own PC as well as share it to others as well. Below is a screenshot showing the new “Create Folder” prompt, allowing users the option to add co-owners to their newly created folders:

OneDrive - Co-owner Folder Create

Of course, you can also add co-owners to any of your existing folders (provided that folder isn’t located inside another co-owned folder). Below is the prompt when you “Share” a folder, with new options to invite people as co-owners:

OneDrive - Co-owner Share

One of the biggest complaints of SkyDrive over the past few years is that the desktop sync client (which is now built into Windows 8.1) does not sync any files or folders that are shared with you, meaning offline access to shared content from others’ SkyDrive is impossible. This made collaboration particularly painful. This new “co-owned folders” feature will finally address this issue, and we believe it will be welcomed by many.

We believe the “co-owned folders” feature will be released alongside OneDrive.com, although this may change closer to release. We understand that this is only one of the many new features that are yet to come to OneDrive, so stay tuned at LiveSide as we bring you more exclusive news.

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