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Official Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile User Manual (Download)


Official Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile User Manual (Download)

Windows 10 Mobile is finally arrived for older devices running Windows Phone 8.1  for some of supported models. But with Microsoft bringing in lots of new changes to the OS with windows 10 mobile, some users need assistance to make the most of the new Powerful features in the latest operating system.

To address the situation, Microsoft has released a official Windows 10 mobile user guide to show how a Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile can be used to its maximum potential, detailing all the features of the new OS, as well as tricks that can improve productivity with the new software.

You can discover pretty much everything about Windows 10 Mobile with this guide, including how to navigate inside an app, personalize the phone, get directions to a place, use the new Microsoft Edge browser, and work with the mobile version of the Office productivity suite. It also includes some troubleshooting information, so in case your phone does not respond after upgrading it to Windows 10 Mobile, make sure you read all instructions published on the last page of the guide because it could really prove to be helpful in certain scenarios.

This beginner guide is available free of charge and comes in the form of a 136-page PDF document.

Here You can download the Windows 10 Mobile user guide

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