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OrbDefender v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


OrbDefender v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Published on request by the developer [email protected]

Is it easy to conquer Panet? Maybe. Maybe not.
Especially when the invading army haunts
crisis, and above all count … expenses.
Cheap conquer the planet … It is not easy.

Classic defender game … Seen through the
eyes of the enemy. Space scenery.


Type of game? arcade? strategic? logical?
All together. See what your opponent can do.
Wait for the right moment. And then … many
depends on the fast fingers.

49 levels, 40 types of ship defense.
There is no single best solution. You
must recognize what the enemy ships
can do, and how to overcome them.

Each level may require different tactics,
and the rules are not always constant.

Common table of results, you will see
which reached the other players.

Windows Market

Download Xap : OrbDefender v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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