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PC Remote Pro v3.26.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

pc remote pro windows phone xap

PC Remote Pro v3.26.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

Cracked Xap. 3.27 is not available yet

We believe that you should relax and enjoy your media contents on your PC and use your phone as keyboard, mouse, interactive remote desktop, transfer files to and fro and integrated remotes for your favorite media players, secure desktop app and lot more. We have more than 1,500,000+ users with great reviews who has bought into our vision and we are committed to provide the best experience.
Below are the PC Remote Pro Only features:
Check out our video:

Trial Version: You can try the app 5 times.
Mouse – We support Windows 8 gestures like swipe on edges, advanced multi touch gestures, zoom, drag n drop, scrolling and clicks.
Remote desktop – Unlike other apps we do not lock your PC. Windows 8 gestures and multi touch gestures, zoom, drag n drop, scrolling and clicks.
Keyboard – Full desktop keyboard with ability to copy text from phone and paste it on PC. How cool is that!
Files – View files of PC on your phone and open them with one click. Copy files to and fro from your PC to phoneand use phone as USB drive to copy files.
Custom remote – Create your own remote with your own hot keys. Very simple interface on server to add new remote. Isn’t that cool.
Wake on LAN – Wake your computer if WOL supported.
Hotspot – You are at place with no wifi eg. Coffee shop or client locations. Make your PC Remote Server as hotspot and connect your phone to it. No use of your data plans.
Zune – Play a Zune playlist or song
Features shared with free app
Youtube – Search for videos in the app and open them on your PC with one click.
Windows Media Center, VLC, XBMC – Full remotes for these apps.
Powerpoint – Control your presentation
Media Controls for iTunes, Spotify, Media Player Classic, Winamp, Netflix, Hulu, Windows Media Player
Power controls: shutdown, logoff, sleep, hibernate and more
Volume control

PC Remote Server running on PC


DOWNLOADPC Remote Pro v3.26.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

Mirror 3.25 – PC Remote Pro v3.25.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

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