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[Pc-Tool] Nokia Software Updater 4.1.0 for Retail


Nokia Software Updater 4.1.0 for Retail

Latest brush tool to update lumia 920/820/720 released for navifirm.

Use it to update/reset a bricked phone that does not boot up.

Download here : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3gG5rr8TxvGVVVHRG8tZmE2U3c/

After installation, if there is no shortcut to the desktop in the Start – All Programs, locate the folder and then open the nokia updater.

Phone connected to the computer will turn on automatically & install the drivers.

In Server Configuration bar –  set the server channel as CareSuite External 


when identifying your phone after completion will be based on your phone’s sales to help you choose the latest version of the software update.

update will erase the data needs to be backed up in advance .

Click Update to automatically upgrade 7 do not move back on the mobile or computer untill complete  of the update process.  Do not disconnect the phone.

Clicking on the left to check the warranty can check the current status of this phone’s warranty it would be a nice feature.

Thank you


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  1. By this tool all data will be deleted or not.?? i don’t want to loss all of my data

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