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[Pc Tool] WSService Tokens Extractor v1.4.2 [Windows 8 Store Crack]


WSService Tokens Extractor v1.4.2 [Windows 8 Store Crack]

Tool to crack windows 8 pc store apps not for windows phone

Installation Method:  How to start :
1) Install wscrack_32 or wscrack_64 depending on your Windows version – x86 or x64.
2) Install trial app from store
3) Enter wscrack_anycpu TokensExtractor.exe
4) Now click on “Brute Force tokens.dat”
5) Locate your product and click “CrackIt!” (bottom of the list is mostly “…………. (Trial)”)
6) App is now full license.
7) Run app and see if it is unlocked.

My trial has expired. What to do ?

I suggested above only as simple start. Any unskilled user can do it.
If you think you have some skill it would be wise for you to make redistributables for all apps you like
so you can install them anytime later without the need of windows store or even internet connection.
See “redistribution” folder for details.
After trial period MS will not allow you download apps again.
But my trial has already expired ! What to do ? Read info/MachineID.txt.
It requires some skill but it is possible to reset all trials.
As another solution I would suggest installing win8 VM with clean LiveID and getting appx from there.

IMPORTANT : Do not download/update through winstore client any apps you have bogus license for
before you read info/StoreWUAuth.txt carefully.

DOWNLOAD : WSService Tokens Extractor v1.4.2 [Windows 8 Store Crack]

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  1. file has been blocked can u please reupload

  2. Windows 8.1 not work!

  3. It’s not working in Windows 8.1

  4. do not works with windows 8.1 :(

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