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[PC] Windows Phone Assistant APP for PC, Leaked by Nawzil


Windows Phone Assistant APP for PC, Leaked by Nawzil

There are times when installing a heavy stake in our terminal eternal done, especially games that can reach 1GB of weight and that makes us despair waiting to drop, now you can download any app from the store to your PC and proceed to the installation from using micro SD, but it seems that Microsoft wants to give us this process with a new tool.

The informant known Nawzil leaked a program called Windows Phone Assistant, with which we can download and install applications and games on your Windows Phone from a PC. This is particularly useful if you have ahead is a very heavy game and we have a good connection on your PC, in my case with 200 megs fiber .. because the gap is in the download speed.


This program opens a shop in the PC from which gives us the option to download and install an application, then you leave a gallery with the different steps in the process of downloading and installing.

Notice that if we connect a terminal that does not have Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, we get a message that we are warned of the need to update because this program only works on terminals with Update 2 for Windows Phone 8.1 , if less we ask that we update and is superior as Windows 10, will tell you installed but then we see that is not so.

Windows Phone Assistant provides information terminal name, and free total capacity and charge level. It is divided into two zones, the AppStore is the store itself, and Local. In the latter it is where we see the games and downloadable applications and allows installation or removal.

We have a settings area where you can choose where the files will be downloaded, move to a new location, ask you to notify us when the available space is less than we fix or make Web Proxy settings.

You can download Windows Phone Assistant from here or this link .

Thanks to musharrif for the tip

Note: This is for official store apps only. you cant install patched apps with this tool.

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