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[PcTool] Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Preview Emulator for Windows


Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Preview Emulator for Windows 

Windows Phone 8.1 – the next generation mobile operating system from Microsoft. SDK – Software Development Kit, allows you to create complete applications and test them in a virtual environment. This early build Windows Phone 8.1, in which many components are missing, many do not work. In the final version it will all be eliminated. This is a godsend for a developer who could not take part in the official program of testing, but now wants to start developing applications for Windows Phone 8.1. For the average user this is a great opportunity to learn about Windows Phone 8.1.


work only WVGA-emulators.
emulators with onscreen buttons can be run only by editing the registry system.
What do I need to install the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK:

Computer on Windows 8/8.1 Pro 64-bit architecture.
processor that supports emulation and technology Hyper-V.
Microsoft Visual 2013 Pro. Downloads from the official site here .
Computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8 86x can not run the emulator!

Download Preview SDK Emulator

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