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Personalization Panel App for Windows 10 PC


Personalization Panel App for Windows 10 PC

Personalization Panel for Windows 10 is a brand new app from Winaero which is created to bring back the familiar user interface for personalizing Windows 10. It restores the options which were removed from the desktop context menu and replaced with the Settings app.
The latest version is Please upgrade your Personalization Panel for Windows 10. See the change log below.Personalization Panel for Windows 10 has an authentic look like the original. It is a portable free app which supports all editions of Windows 10 and works with 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) versions. The application can be integrated directly into the Desktop context menu from the app’s options so you can use the personalization options like previous versions of Windows.


The application does not allow you to share themes or create themespacks from within the theme list. To solve this issue, click the “Theme Gallery” link under the theme list and create the themepack file/share the theme from the opened window.

Translate “get colored title bars”

To translate the “Get colored title bars” link, add to your language file the following line:

lblColoredTitlebars.Text=Your translation text here

Change log

Added the classic Display item in the Desktop context menu for the integration mode.


  • Added the ability to hide the status bar.
  • Added the ability to get colored title bars instantly.
  • Added version information in the top right corner.
  • Fixed a bug related to saving/restoring the window position and size.
  • Fixed a typo: Easy -> Ease

v1.0 Initial release

Download Personalization Panel for Windows 10

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