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Pocket Bird – Windows Phone Xap


Pocket Bird – Windows Phone Xap

Ever listened to your local birds, wanting to sing back to them? Ever had the instant urge to produce birdy sounds to confuse your cat or amuse your friends? If so, Pocket Bird is your answer.
Usage is simple:
1. Move your finger on the screen to control sound volume and pitch. If you keep the phone level, it resembles a Theremin with sine waveform.

2. Tilt the phone to add vibrato. Tilting to different directions controls both vibrato rate and extent.
3. You can use up to 4 fingers – the monophonic sound will quickly rotate like an arpeggio trough the tones indicated by your fingers.
4. This avian app is naturally inhabited by an animated bird that reacts to the sounds you are playing.
5. There is now a toggle for activating an oscilloscope for viewing played wave form.
Trial is fully functional, buying will only remove the bugging purchase-reminder when exiting the app.
Have fun playing your mobile avian instrument!

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Download Xap : Pocket Bird – Windows Phone Xap

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