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Portals 2D v1.5.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Portals 2D v1.5.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Can you think with portals? Open a gateway to a new and exciting type of game, this Portal-inspired platformer will test your portal-toting, cake loving avatar in a world where even your existence is tested. Beautiful graphics, wonderful sounds, ingenious gameplay, and silky smooth animations make this game a must have.

Create, edit, and share your own levels with friends.


Update 1.5: Bug fixes, basic localisation support, slight change to level 8, trial increased by 1 level.

Update 1.4: Minor fixes; screen should not go black after restarting some levels, playing your own levels does not count toward its popularity, author name shown above level name. Also a server-side fix stopping levels from appearing multiple times.

Update 1.3: Sorry for the slow update, I’ve been busy with University. This release has a Level Editor and online directory of levels, fixed portal bug, a few animation / sound fixes, small performance optimisations. Hopefully coming soon: Resizable custom levels, ability to pre-place portals in levels, more details about plays/completes/dificulty of custom levels, ability to search custom levels by ID, save custom levels locally and share level files with friends.

Update 1.2: Fixed some bugs, added robots, doors, buttons and grinders, improved graphics, added more levels, tweaked controls.

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Download Xap : Portals 2D v1.5.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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