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Power Planner (Homework Planner) v4.1.1.1 – Windows Phone Xap


Power Planner (Homework Planner) v4.1.1.1 – Windows Phone Xap

Power Planner is the ultimate homework planner for Windows Phone! With live tiles, automatic reminders, multiselect lists, a grading system, and online sync, Power Planner has it all!

Features include:
– Live tiles display homework/schedule
– Attach pictures, automatic reminders
– Full online sync, color coded classes
– Two week support/class schedule
– Calculate your GPA and grades
– Multiple semester/year support
– Designed specifically for WP

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The main tile displays your upcoming homework assignments and exams, so you don’t even need to open the app!

You can also pin the Schedule Tile, which tells you where and when your next class is.

Plus, Power Planner has automatic reminders for all your homework assignments, which are intelligently scheduled around your class times.

And it has full online sync with a Windows 8 app on the way!

The paid version includes secondary tiles for each class, adding multiple years/semesters, adding unlimited photos to each homework/exam/grade, etc!

You can even find out what you need to score on your final test to keep an A in your class, using “What If” mode!

And you can view your grade history over time on a line graph!

Power Planner is developed by a student. I actively update the app and keep on making it better!

Update 4.1
-Grade History added
-Way faster date picker
-Quick Add live tile
-Other fixes
Update 4.0.9
-What If mode
Update 4.0.8
-High resolution tiles
-Fixed image sync
-Landscape in schedule view
Update 4.0.7
-Landscape support w/orientation lock
-Can switch classes to diff semester
Update 4.0.6
-Fixed small reminders bug
-Fixed sync for foreign countries
-Fixed multiselect delete
Update 4.0.5
-Fixed live tiles
-Slightly faster loading
Update 4.0
-Completely rewritten
-Online sync using Microsoft Azure
-Multiselect lists added
-Color coded classes
-More reliable

Download Link : Power Planner (Homework Planner) v4.1.1.1 – Windows Phone Xap

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