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ProGym v1.7.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

progym windows phone xap

ProGym v1.7.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

ProGym is the most versatile and most efficient workout log for strength training and bodybuilding – with or without weights, at home or in the gym.
Do you really need your workout log to teach you how to do a bench press? No, you just want to record your workout, quickly and easily.
Key features:
• You define your own workouts with your own exercises in your language and in your preferred order.
• You can do each exercise one after another, but you can also skip exercises, do them in a different order, or do extra ones. You can also do as many sets as you want, or as the situation in the gym requires. ProGym does not restrict you in any way.
• Suggests weight and reps based on previous sets and sessions.
• Has three countdown timers to monitor your rest periods. They can even be set to start automatically when you enter a set or switch to the next exercise.
• You view your results in a concise, compact format grouped by session date and exercise. With the Calendar view you can view an entire month of workouts at a glance.
• Shows your previous workout results right on the input screen, so you know what your goal is – no searching, no tabbing, it’s just there.
• Calculates your One Rep Max for each set and tracks your all-time best, which it celebrates by a fanfare.
• Draws a graph of your One Rep Max or repetition history for each exercise.
• Smart handling of body-weight routines (count reps) vs. weight routines (calculate One Rep Max).
• Supports overnight sessions without splitting at midnight.
• You can backup and restore the database via SkyDrive – so you don’t have to worry about the security of your data.
• Compatible with international weight units and allows for decimal weights.


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