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Set up and Shoot NOKIA Professional Photography


Set up and Shoot NOKIA Professional Photography

Photography rookie science NOKIA professional shooting settings and shoot trajectory effects (lighting, trajectory) approach. NOKIA press sequence explained in several professional shooting noun meaning the right interface, if the wrong place welcome to point out.
Top lightning flash mode symbol, not to say.

1 [wb] [White Balance] is shorthand for translation is the white balance mode

Professional concept than that, simple to understand when taking pictures of light patterns, such as sunny sunny scene on the use of (white balance mode), cloudy to overcast scene with the scene settings are correct color reproduction and high pictures are closest to the true If on a sunny day with cloudy balanced mode, the brightness of the entire picture will be lower, it would not be wrong to pursue a master of special effects can be flexibly set the scene mode maybe there is a color photo of the first novice to law-abiding bar.

2 cylindrical side similar to the ancient coins symbols are focus mode.

What is the focus we should all know do not charge any more, 920 focus mode, there are three, the first is [auto], AF mode, the most convenient and the most commonly used for temporary out to shoot.

The second is [M], is a manual mode, this mode is suitable for use in preparing the case of shooting a stationary object, if the screen is a display of focus blur, we need to own the phone to get far point to point or shoot clear pictures, more trouble.

The third is [∞] This symbol represents infinity in mathematics, can be understood as the lens are all focus (ie not all of the focus), suitable for shooting distant scenes or characters, frequency of use is very low. This focus mode is generally high-end SLR camera lens in appearing in the 920 is a gimmick, and a camera phone can not, after all, than.


ISO sensitivity is, by definition is the degree of sensitivity to light.
In other settings when shooting the same premise, ISO higher values ​​photographs shorter the time required, but the quality is worse, there will be significant noise, in general, the entire ISO over 500 photos on the waste, noise will be more to appalling basic no details at all, unless it is post multiple photos synthetic noise cancel each other out.

4 exposure time.

Is the shutter time, such as shutter time is 3 seconds, then 3 seconds lens movement within the area are recorded, and this is the principle recording track.

5 bottom symbols are exposure compensation.

In other settings the same premise, exposure compensation decisions photo brightness level. Adjust the value from 0 to a positive number is lit, adjust the value from 0 to negative is dimmed.
Such as summer noon pictures, I feel photos are too bright, you can adjust the exposure compensation from 0 to justify negative effect adjusting well the whole picture will be much clearer.

All these five concepts common photographic equipment, but equipment standards are not as likely as not, for example, the same is ISO100, mobile phones and cameras may be not a standard.

Successful Path want to shoot photos to pay attention to the following three points

1.ISO lower values ​​are better. 
If the ISO value is too high, because the exposure time is long pictures are easily overexposed, shot out of the waste is a white sheet. Basically trajectory photos are taken at night or when bad light, ISO value is lower, then it would be more black background pictures, it highlights the luminous trajectory, better, such as candles, lamp light can do.

2.EXPOSURE longer the better. 
920 is currently the longest exposure time can be set is 4S, 4S inherent front of the camera all the movements will be recorded by the camera into the track, you can draw a simple picture or write.

3 mobile phones more stable as possible. 
This is the most important, no matter how good the other parameters, as long as the mobile phone of a move on the whole waste, so best not to hand, you can leaning against something, so the insurance.

Of course, you can also fix the light after a good camera at the light and write, but the whole picture the background is moving, there is no trace of the movement and contrast, the effect is not good.

Is simply the last pass two for my own use camera (Nikon D7000, SLR cameras) Please review the photos, if you do not understand, please leave a message, I will be to respond to a convenient time for your reference. The first is the Orbital diagram, is 5 minutes exposure of the stars within the running track in the middle stationary stars are Polaris.

Enjoy taking photos now :)


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