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Sketch Taxi – Windows Phone XAP

Sketch Taxi Windows Phone Game XAP

Sketch Taxi – Windows Phone XAP

Do you know what it’s like to be a cab driver? You do? Well – this is not any cab! This one can fly!

Space Taxi is for sure one of the best retro games (1984 by John F. Kutcher). I’ve played it for hours on my original Commodore 64. I don’t know what causes it, but it is really addictive to play those nicely done levels!

Now the time has come to bring that game to a new platform, the Windows Phone! Sketch Taxi brings this great game to you in a new way – same but different:

It makes the same fun to play as some decades ago but has a new and refreshing look, neat animations and stunning sound.

You for sure know how to play the game, right? It’s a classic.  – No?

As cabbie you need to pick up passengers from the platforms where they appear and deliver them where they want to go. For each delivery passengers will pay you a fixed fare. And if you take care about your landing and if you are quick, you’ll soon earn some extra amount as passengers tip you.

If you carried enough passengers in one level, one passenger will order you to fly to the next level.

Simple as it sounds, each level has its own challenges, be it teleporters, ping pong balls or pure gravity dragging you to the ground.

Are you particularly good in playing Sketch Taxi? Then you’ll be rewarded with ranks which are recorded in your cab license. But beware! Also your fails will be recorded!

Sketch Taxi was developed in close cooperation with John F. Kutcher who developed the original game Space Taxi back in 1984. Sketch Taxi uses the original level designs that bring so much fun to the game.

Try it yourself and get addicted as well!

New in version 1.1:

Tutorial Video

 Download Links: Sketch Taxi – Windows Phone XAP

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