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Space Ball 3D v1.4.162.3068 – Windows Phone Xap


Space Ball 3D v1.4.162.3068 – Windows Phone Xap

Experience Space Ball 3D – the reinvented classic! The game principle is very simple, well known and still exciting. Pan with your finger to move the paddle to defeat your enemy. Be quick, tricky and don’t forget to always keep an eye on your target. But be careful: maybe a surprise or two are awaiting you!

No matter if you‘re a bloody rookie or a badass pro: Space Ball 3D will never get boring! Your opponents will get more intelligent and trickier while the ball gets faster and faster. How long can you resist the pressure?


Space Ball 3D now offers also an multiplayer mode that allows you to play against your friends – in realtime!

Unlock new and exciting mini games – more of them are already in developement!

Pause the game at any time and enable the directors cut mode. Marvel the captured action scene from any point of view – now with slow motion and screenshot feature!

Prove yourself and challenge other players for fame and glory in an epic duel. Will you be glorious or will you go down fighting?

Experience a never seen before glory of blazing colors and jazzy effects.

• Fast and easy to play game for any situation
• Suitable for beginners and advanced players
• Colorful and effective graphics
• 4 unlockable mini games, more to come
• Multiplayer mode
• challenge mode
• hardcore mode
• directors cut mode
• enthralling soundtrack
• Worldwide leaderboards
• Achievements

Download Xap : Space Ball 3D v1.4.162.3068 – Windows Phone Xap

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