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SqueezeRemote v2.12.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


SqueezeRemote v2.12.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Squeeze Remote lets you control your Squeezeboxes or PC from your Windows Phone 7.
Supports both LogitechMediaServer (SBS) and mysqueezebox.com

Whichever screen you’re looking at for the moment, you can always control your currently selected player via the AlwaysOnTop PlayerControl.

and install on preferred computer/computers.

Requires a mysqueezebox.com account or Logitech Media Server (SBS) v7.6 or higher, available from http://www.mysqueezebox.com/download

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• Supports both MySqueezebox.com and SqueezeboxServer
• Plugin support such as Spotify, ShoutCast, iPlayer, MediaFly, SoundEffects, Facebook and more
• Browse playlists, artists, albums, genres
• Artist info and lyrics and image
• Player Syncing
• AlwaysOnTop PlayerControl
• Browse songs in playlists
• Supports SqueezePlay
• Browse songs in selected album
• Play album, song or playlist instantly.
• Add album, song, playlist or genre to be played next in playlist
• Add/ remove favorites
• Browse medialibrary by Recently Added music, Years
• Edit/rearrange playlist
• Create Random Mix by tracks, albums, artists, year
• Runs under lockscreen
• Add/Edit/Remove alarms
• and alot more..

Download Link : SqueezeRemote v2.12.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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