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StarShip Racers v1.3.0.3 – Windows Phone XAP

StarShip Racer – Windows Phone XAP

Starship Racers is a futuristic racing game.

Win the race by slowing down opponents with lasers, missiles and mines.

Choose your racer, upgrade it, fight and race on differents tracks with original design and graphics.

Starship Racers takes speed to another level, get ready for the challenge!


-New 3D Graphics

-New physics

-shorter races
-2nd demo track added
-new stats menu
-new config menu
-new graphics for the controls
-now indicates your current ranking during the game
-corrected bug in the stats menu
-add a random bonus when race is over

 Windows Market

DownLoad Xap :  StarShip Racers v1.3.0.3 – Windows Phone XAP 

DownLoad Xap :  StarShip Racers v1.2.0.1 – Windows Phone XAP 

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