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Steps to update your lumia 810 to GDR2/Amber

Steps to update your  lumia 810 to GDR2/Amber

Follow these steps to get your Lumia 810 to OS to 8.0.1327.77 and your fw to 3043.0000.1326.0017
This update effectively performs a hard reset on your device so be sure to backup app lists, texts, pics and videos.

First, you can start the torrent d/l of the update files I’ve shared (and hopefully others are still sharing)
attempt 2.torrent
The file is compressed as a .rar to make it easier to share (521 MB vs 1300 MB)
If you don’t have winrar, 7-zip or something similar for extracting .rar files, google one and install.
When the torrent is finished, double click on the rm-878.rar and extract it somewhere easy to find (like desktop)

Download and install the Nokia Software Updater for Retail 3.0.8

If the Nokia Software is running, close it, then…

You have to click on Organize when you open my computer or are in C:/ Organize > Folder and Search Options > View (tab) > and make sure you have “Show hidden files, folder and drives” checked or circled. then press Apply > Ok and then “ProgramData” folder in your C: drive will show up.

Navigate to C:// ProgramData/Nokia/Packages/Products/
Inside the Products folder is where you’ll place the entire rm-878 folder so that it now looks like
C:// ProgramData/Nokia/Packages/Products/rm-878/ with eleven files inside

Restart the Nokia Software Updater, connect your Lumia 810.
Click on Server Configuration, then click the Work Offline box near the bottom.

It should take you bake to the Home tab with the option now to update to 3043.0000.1326.0017
Click Update and follow the onscreen steps.

If I wasn’t clear on a particular step let me know and I’ll edit as necessary. I know at least one user dave0538 was successful with my torrent files, so good luck!

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  1. how to do this for lumia 710…..
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