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Street Stereogram v3.34.64.82 – Windows Phone Xap


Street Stereogram v3.34.64.82 – Windows Phone Xap

This Stereoscopic 3D street painting application is an Windows Phone platform full of interesting pictures collection, collected together to enjoy art and three-dimensional fun to share with your friends!

3D street painting can be seen as important in contemporary development and extension of the artistic logic. The land of the so-called 3D street painting, as the name suggests is the paintings on display on the ground in order to obtain the effect of three-dimensional art.


Or directly to the ground as the carrier painting. 3D street to draw will be artistic effect specialization concept and further developing it to the ground outside the medium of the perspective of the principle of the plane, creating a virtual three-dimensional visual effect, give visitors an immersive feeling.

Stereoscopic 3D street to draw the scene, and delicate, realistic, often taken as real artistic effect.

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Download Xap : Street Stereogram v3.34.64.82 – Windows Phone Xap

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