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[Student Dev Unlock] Latest trick to get Bakersfield college edu mail ID to unlock Windows Phone :)


Latest trick to get Bakersfield college Student edu mail ID :)

If Chinese tool is not working you can use this trick

Hi guys,
This is some awesome news for windows phone users.. We have found a new way to access the bakersfield college edu mail server to create new edu mail ID,s so that we can help our users to unlock the device in a much easier way.

Prerequisites –

Windows Phone Power tools
Windows live mail account
Tunnelbear software
.net framework 4.5.1
If you already dint know, edu mail unlock allows you to install upto 10 XAPs rather than paltry 2 XAP limit you get with the regular live id unlock.

So whats the trick??

This is a 2 stage trick

Stage 1:

  1. Go here to get to the download page of tunnelbear.
  2. Press the “Download a TunnelBear” button at the bottom.


  1. Figure out if you’re using a Mac or a PC.
  2. Once it finishes downloading, run the program.
  3. Lie and say that you have read the terms and conditions, and press next/install/continue etc. until it closes itself and opens this:

  1. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you don’t have an account, seeing as you’re reading this tutorial, so check the “I don’t have a TunnelBear account” thingy and press next.
  2. Sign up.
  3. If you have a Twitter (WHICH I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND GETTING FOR THIS), type it into the appropriate box.
  4. This is where you must make a choice. You can decide to take the free route (which is way more work, mind you), or you can go for the one month pass for $4.99. To save yourself the pain, I would go for the month pass. If you go with that, you can stop here, and be happy for the month of January.
  5. If you choose to go the free way, continue onward. TunnelBear creates its own random little network (completely harmless, but sort of annoying), so just let it. Any sort of warning you receive that looks like this can be promptly ignored. Press continue anyway.
  6. Oh, by the way, go confirm your e-mail address! Make sure to check your spam folder if the e-mail isn’t there.
  7. Once everything is installed, open TunnelBear and login.
  8. From there, you have two options: Try to survive off of the 500 mb (which is highly improbable, by the way) or do the Twitter promotion to get the extra 1 GB for the month. If you choose the first way (I wish you luck), then simply switch the US/UK switch to UK and the on/off switch to on:

    Once it is connected, it will look like this.

  9. If you choose to travel the path of awesome by doing the 10 second Twitter promotion, press the small “1 GB PROMO” icon in the bottom left hand corner (pictured above).
  10. The page will open in TunnelBear. Press “Tweet now!” and then insert your Twitter username. If you don’t have one, make one, then press “Confirm & Tweet.” Pressing that will open Twitter in your default browser. Just log in and tweet the provided message.
  11. Within an hour or so, you will receive an email to whatever e-mail address you used to sign up for TunnelBear, and it will confirm that they received your tweet and have credited you with the extra gigabyte.
  12. Once it has been credited to your account, you will notice that the number of mb you have remaining has been increased to 1500. Mine is below that because I was testing this out a few weeks back, by the way:
  13. Turn it on, switch it to US, and you’re Can register to bakersfield!
  14. If you happen to run out of mbs, create a new account and a new Twitter, rinse and repeat.

Stage 2

Once you have set up your IP as USA in tunnelbear go here and follow this trick to continue 2nd step

Continue to step 2

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  1. when installing that bear,it said update or install prevent it from installing
    But i ha ve nothing being installed
    any help
    sorry for english language

  2. i dont get why you guys waste your time on these long tiring processes. and at de end they dont even work…this is a much easier way to get the developer unlock…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbo0ZMkq5QE…watch and like…waaaaay simpler than these complex processes am seeing in here

  3. Why do you need tunnelbear to get edu account?

    How do you gent an account itself, I don’t see it in the tutorial?

  4. Can anybody help me what the trick is it can’t do this please help me

  5. when i get verified on dreamspark i have notice Your email account is not currently registered with us. You can choose another verification method or supply documentation as evidence of your academic status.., anyone can help?

  6. Next day mail comes and it says,”Admission Form Rejected”
    i tries about 4-5 times but everytime thats result

  7. hey got another trick… no signups nothing… just a < 1mb app to download .. should i tell the trick @wphub?

  8. there are some trick to deploye unlimited xaps ?

  9. c’mon wphub ! please !

    If I could , i’ll donate to you all .

    but I cant for some reasons …

    please publish it soon , I need , I need , I need .

    TanQ .

  10. I know that trick :) but I won’t tell anyone.. Keep up the good work!! All the best..

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