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Teddy the Panda now available for Windows Phone


Teddy the Panda now available for Windows Phone

Teddy the Panda is a lovingly crafted app for small kids. The gameplay is centred on the eponymous stuffed animal coming alive in the living room to become a real playmate. It’s all about exploring the possibilities of this new friendship: kids can dress Teddy up, make him jump on the bed, help him balancing on a ball, make photos of his poses and explore the colorful playroom with him.

The game features detailed graphics and cute, realistic animations that make Teddy look almost like a real animal.

There are lots of fun games waiting for you and Teddy the Panda to discover together. Make the bunk bed into a trampoline and see who can jump the highest. Of course you can make your way back down using the slide. And what kind of costumes does the wardrobe have in store for you? Just fling open the doors and climb on in to find out. And when the cute Panda gets tired, he just curls up on the bean bag to take a little nap.

Teddy the Panda is so cute and cuddly you can’t help but keep poking him. Depending on where you poke him, you’ll get different reactions.

It’s worth having a good look around and trying everything out. Bit by bit, you’ll unlock cute pics with your new friend.

The app features easy controls, with Teddy simply following your finger, varied mini-games that offer long-lasting gaming fun, a lovingly designed soundscape and no reading skills required.

The game is $1.99 without a free trail and can be found in the Windows Store here.

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