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The SSH Client Pro – Windows Phone Xap


The SSH Client Pro  – Windows Phone Xap

This is the fully featured SSH Client Pro for Windows Phone 7 and 8!
Connect to your SSH2 or Telnet servers and read mail, manage server, use irssi or even play Nethack and ADOM!
Note that connection closes if you switch applications, windows phone 7 does not support sockets running in the background.

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Features include:
– Multiple active connections!
– Custom settings for every connection:
– 6 Different customizable gestures! (Flick Left, Flick Right, Flick Up, Flick Down, Double Tap and Hold)
– Customizable 9-pad to play Nethack or ADOM more easily
– Customizable App bar buttons and menu items
– Option to run command after login (like screen -rd)
– Support for Ctrl, Esc, Tab, Cursor keys, Function keys and custom combinations (ie. Escape + Left)
– Private key authentication
– Different font types and sizes
– 6 different color palettes and customizable palette!
– Customizable foreground- and background colors
– On-screen and physical keyboard support
– Runs under the lock screen
– Url parsing and instant browser view for links and return back to connection!
– Copy text to clipboard
– Paste text from clipboard (or type in text yourself)
– Portrait mode
– Pin connections as live tiles
– Backlog support
– UTF8 support
– Great performance!

Download Link :  The SSH Client Pro  – Windows Phone Xap

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