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[Cheats] Cheat & get credits in Asphalt 8: Airborne on Windows Phone 8


Cheat & get credits in Asphalt 8: Airborne on Windows Phone 8

Tired of rabid prices additions to the game? Yes start cheating! Method consist in sync accounts. No hacking, access to isolated storage and other things, there is no need. This is both good and bad.

What you will need:

– Asphalt 8: Airborne on Windows Phone;
– Asphalt 8: Airborne on Windows 8/8.1 – it’s sure not do without it. In principle, you can also take a Android / iOS, but this method has not been tested;
– Account Facebook;

Instruction is quite simple:

1. Run the 8 Asphalt: Airborne on your PC and play a little;
2. Now you have to enter the game in Facebook, to synchronize your save file to the cloud;
3. Close the game and run it again. Look to Connect with Facebook was disabled;
4. Now cheat game accordingly on Windows 8 using cheat engine
5. When you have successfully got all the credit, click on “Login” and wait until the game will go into your account;
6. You should get a message about the conflict save files – one file stored in the cloud (the one that you played at the beginning of cheating and without local save file, we cheaters). You need to switch to a local file, it will be recorded in the cloud, and the previous deleted. Agree to overwrite;
7. Now take your Windows Phone, launching Asphalt 8;
8. Connect the game to your account Facebook, which was connected to a PC;
9. Forward entry and again get the message about the proposal will switch to cloud saving. In the cloud should be saving several million credits, you cheater;
10. Switch to cloud save file and voila!

As you can see, it is not necessary to pay anything and spent unreasonably Donat. If you still prefer to play legally, you can get acquainted with our instructions to purchase additions to the competent Asphalt 8: Airborne.

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  1. this method works i have tried in my lumia 535 windows 10

  2. I tried to do it with Karan`s hack did it on PC but it wont synchronise to my Lumia can anyone help me?

  3. Where is the cheat engine?
    is there any download link for that?

  4. Please don’t do that please guys u will be banned if u play that for even 5 seconds online or connect internet and play for 5 seconds u will be banned permanently and all your original will also be lost

  5. yes its 100% working i have now 68/72 cars(becaz the rest need to be bought with real money),I have the latest version of asphalt8 and i have more than 7million credits left in my account. THANK YOU very much windowsphonehub for this trick

  6. Can someone share their cloud data? Just comment your facebook account with the cloud data below. We don’t care about your facebook account we just want the money saved on your account. So please share . Pls!! Pls!! Pleaaase ?!

    • dude you must be a dumb that you cant follow such a simple instruction to cheat. pity on you :(

      • not we are not stupid but i dont trust this sh*t if it worked for you pleas tell us ur fb name and pw and i really dont care about you face book i dont even have a facebokk i tell you my instagram page and pasword just tell me you could data dose it works on windwos phone by htc thnx my nick is jimther3 and pw is 1234567abc

  7. “Now cheaters game accordingly instructions for Windows 8 ”
    what this means

  8. Its not working on Dubai Update. Help pls

  9. I used Cheat engine in asphalt 8 and it worked. Now the problem is I have enter large number so that now my coins became Negative. I can able to buy the car’s but I couldn’t able to upgrade it. It throws an error message called, NO ENOUGH CREDIT’s. Please help me to come out of this pit…

  10. I don’t have Windows 8 :(. pls make it available for windows 7 :(

  11. are u seeing this man cheat engine doesnt work for me so please give me the isolated storage method

  12. soumajit biswas

    i can’t cheat in asphalt 8 on my win 8.1 with cheat engine plz help

    • can u make save file like minion rush please i want it man plese and asphalt 8 is working slow on my pc so i cannot play on pc but i can sign in so please help give us save file

  13. Link for the Cheat engine please~~~

  14. hey could you make the isolate storage thigh please because i really wanna get more credits please please please please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beg you

  15. hey man can you make some credit adder tool of Asphalt 8 for windows phone like those of android or ios…….

  16. can we do this with trial version installed on windows 8? or do we need full version on pc too?

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