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[Tips] How to roll back from Windows 10 Preview to Windows Phone 8.1


How to roll back from Windows 10 Preview to Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft released a new update to the Windows 10 Preview for phone and you’ve probably realized that it is far from being finished. While you had fun checking out the Preview, you may want to go back to a more stable build. If you want to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has made it really simple. You’ll need a computer, your phone, a USB cable, and the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

Watch our step-by-step instructions on video.

If possible, make sure that your computer and phone are charged. Are you ready?

Continue reading for the next steps.

  1. Download and install the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to your computer.
  2. Open the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and connect the phone to your computer with the USB cable. If your phone is not automatically detected, disconnect it from your computer and press ‘My phone was not detected’ at the bottom and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. If the phone is detected, tap the phone model on the screen to continue.
  4. The next screen shows software versions. Tap the reinstall button at the bottom
  5. There’s a disclaimer that suggests to backup your phone. Tap continue at the bottom.
  6. The recovery tool downloads and installs the firmware. This may take a while depending on your network connection. The installation files are about 1.7 GB. Make sure not to disconnect the cable.
  7. If all goes well, you get a message that says, “Operation successfully completed.”

That’s it! You should now be back on Windows Phone 8.1. We’ll let you know if a new build for Windows 10 Preview for phone shows up.

What’s the main reason you want to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 Preview? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I have a Mac and I want to downgrade to Windows 8.1 and this recovery tool is only available for PC. Can anyone suggest any other method?

  2. my L525 got bricked while i was reinstalling Win8.1 due to This WPRT not even booting i think it is got bricked now What should i do plss help me needed urgently……….

  3. someone pls help me i got my L525 bricked due to WPRT now what to do I dont knw Help me Urgently

  4. Thanks guys that really helped me , and for lumia 520 users don’t update to win10. win10 is still not for 512 mb ram mobiles.

    • No Mr Devesh all the 512 MB devices can run windows 10. Mine L630 is running it. But mine friends L520 is still on Windows 8. So I think its L520’s problem not the problem of 512 MB ram devices

  5. On my Lumia 535 didn’t worked with WPRT but worked excellent with Lumia Software Recovery Tool.

  6. i am using lumia 720 and my battery drains very fast. its annoying that it cant turn off the mobile data. apps are crashing. my phone becomes slow. cant update apps through the store.

  7. i have installed the windows 10 in my lumia 525, and it made my phone damn slow. the worst and most annoying part is the data connection, it wont turn on and also if i try to switch to 2g as it is by default to 3g, it not switching to 2g
    when i turn off my wifi.. it will connect to 3g even if i not turn it on, and it just cutting of my main balance,
    apps are crashing frequently, taking way long to open a app,, even closing also..
    so iam rolling back my phone to windows 8.1 and i will wait for actual update.

  8. iam using Lumia 525.. and installed windows 10 update technical preview. when i done with the installation my phone got damn slow., most annoying part is the data connection is not setting to 2g and more wen i turn off my wifi it will switch to 3g automatically and my balance is getting cut by displaying msg of balance.. access speed is too slow.. battery is not getting charged as fast as in wp 8.1. so finally i say windows 10 is not for Lumia 525.

  9. on lumia 625, doesn´t recognise sim card, apps crash all the time, can´t download anything from the store, always error installing. too slow. well, the only thing i can do with my phone is listenning to music and radio….and project spartan

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