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[Trick] Demo video to unhide Music + Video app on WP8.1 using NFC


Demo video to unhide Music + Video app on WP8.1 using NFC

It took the killing of the WP8 Music and Video app on Windows Phone 8.1 to make me really appreciate it, but luckily, if you have a writable NFC tag, it seems pretty easy to resurrect it.

Techrum.vn have posted a detailed tutorial on how to achieve this, using Nokia’s NFC Writer app, and also the above video showing the simple hack in action.

We will conduct record content Music + Videos apps on the card. You need to go to Settings> NFC> open it up front , then run up the app, select Compose in the menu and follow the steps below. Choose the tab through apps , choosing to system apps .


Scroll down and find the Music & Videos .


Apply NFC tags to the back of the machine to keep up. We’ll notify successful recording and select Save .


After this step you already have an NFC card application capable of opening Music + Videos. All you need to do now is the Start screen, NFC tag application on the phone and it will immediately open the Music + Video up!


You can see the results in the video above.

Are any of our readers on WP 8.1 going to be trying this trick? Let us know below.

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