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[Trick] Install Unlimited Dev unlocked Apps on Windows phone 8.1 (Remove 2 Xap or 10 Xap limit)


Install Unlimited Dev unlocked Apps on Windows phone 8.1 (Remove 2 Xap or 10 Xap limit)

In this trick we will show you how to install unlimited apps on windows phone 8.1 developer unlocked device.

Normal limitations are 2 Xap for SDK unlock and chinese tool givies you 10 Xap, But now you can deploy N number of app and games on your dev unlocked device without any limitation. (Ofcourse You need space to deploy them)


You Should have Dev unlocked device updated to  wp 8.1 and your phone supports memory card (lumia 820)

Follow this trick to update to wp8.1 developer preview


  1. Remove the sd card from phone
  2. Install any cracked Xap application on Phone
  3. Reinsert sd card and restart phone
  4. Now move all cracked application to sd card using storage sense
  5. All the DEV apps should be moved to card now.
  6. Again, install more cracked Xap applications by removing sd card
  7. Again move all cracked application to sd
  8. Reinsert sd card and restart phone
  9. Repeat the process for all your apps

In this way if you keep moving your cracked apps to SD card you can keep on installing n number of apps without any limits



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  1. is there any app other than extras&info to interop unlock.pls guide me

  2. this method only for windows 8.1. works on devices that have 8.1 preinstalled out of box. windows 10 you dont need to worry its infinite (till they patch it). wish i could get developer enhancements tho i wanna use android apps yet for some reason every method i try fails and drivers work perfect on windows 7 (some issues now and then but a reconnect always solves issues)

  3. My phone does not have a memory card slot. Can I do it somehow?

  4. Wp power tool is not working on pc.why i do t’hem????

  5. fast asle eyp

  6. How to patch or crack a xap file downloaded manually from store

  7. this is why the lumia 928 has pissed me off to no end, there is no SD card slot (something i’ve never heard of in a mid/high end smart phone) and you can even remove the battery

  8. does this trick can void the warranty?

  9. It isn’t working after cyan update, please help. Even after moving to sd and then restarting without sd the app stays and says unavailable in the phone and then as I add more xaps it says limit has been reached, any work through? Thanks

  10. thanks bro

  11. I do all this, but I don’t remove SD Card. All works fine.

  12. Best trick ever…Feels real good to own a windows phone now. Unlimited apps its a pleasure now working perfectly on my Lumia 520

  13. my lumia 520 is not detected by window phone power tools, even i have visual studio, window SDK . and i kept my phone unlock, i already register my phone to developers. but still it is not detected by wp power tools.
    please help me…

  14. Great trick…Working perfectly on my Lumia 520!!

  15. Can I do this on a windows 7 computer

  16. On my Nokia Lumia 520 for remove SD Card I must remove battery. After reinsert SD Card in phone, can I just turn on the phone or I must turn off the phone again and turn on the phone again?

  17. It works for me, but I can’t 1 app move to SD Card from phone. I don’t know why.

    Thanks for tutorial.

  18. If I removed the SD card from phone, will I lose the applications that are already installed on the SD card?

  19. Works fine on my Lumia 520

  20. what is the sd remove means??i have to remove from phone below the battery or through storage sense??

  21. How to install mini sdk

  22. I would like to know if you jailbreak your windows phone can you still install windows phone updates.
    unlike iphone.

  23. Your phone must be developer unlocked. Now follow this step:
    1.Install Microsoft Visual studio 2013 ( with update 2). You can download it from Microsoft Web page.
    2.After that install Windows Power tools (Latest version).
    3. Now connect your phone with Pc.
    4. Run Windows phone developer registration app from pc. ( It will be installed with Visual studio or Power tools)
    5. Follow step . Enter your Microsoft account . After that your device will be registered for app deployment.
    6. Now run Windows power tools and click on Connect button. (search you tube for how to install a xap with windows power tools, if you dont know how to use power tools.

    Note. You cant install Windows power tolls without Microsoft Visual studio. Windows phone 8.1 app deployment require Latest UPDATE 2 With Visual Studio.

  24. Hey anyone kindly guide me step by step to unlock my lumia 820 , i have wp 8.1 installed. Thanks in advance.

  25. i have in my cd card only 128 mb and i want install big free paid games ..
    but i cant up to 2 games
    somebody have any idea how i can unlimited??

  26. works fine on lumia 1520
    even if they discover this trick the only way taht they could fix it is thru an update witch you are not forced to install( sory for broken english)

    • But it requires connection to Microsoft’s servers. And if they change something server side, they can block older versions of your software, so you are forced to install the update.

  27. plz give any method for non sd card phones,,,,,

  28. How to do the step 2: “Install any cracked Xap application on Phone”

    Since the cracked app is downloaded on my pc.. how do i INSTALL that app on my phone..

  29. How to move all cracked apps to sd card using data sense ?

  30. Is this working on lumia 930 >>please guys reply soon or its working on lumia 530

  31. and if someone don’t have a sd card slot?! there a way to install more than 2 or 10 xap files?!

  32. lumia 720 funcionando perfeito.

  33. any one knows how a hack how to change static ip settings for Lumia 820, please…

  34. Works perfect for me. Thanks for this great trick :) :) :)

  35. i cant deploy apps to wp 8.1



  36. What 2 apps limit? I always installed more than 2 apps on my dev-unlocked phone, without any chinese-related hacks :)

  37. Nice works…Perfectly…

  38. what happend to live tiles apps in micro sd if we remove micro sd, and will it back live tiles to last position when i reinsert micro sd?

  39. works awesome :)

    Detailed instruction for Install unlimited XAP To Windows Phone 8.1 DEV / Normal Unlock Users

    Download Mini SDK unlock it before Doing This Process Dev users enter their developer account id others just enter your LIVE id

    1. Download 2 Patched XAP from wphub normal unlock users / 10 Patched XAP From wphub

    2. Download XAP Deploy ,Open , Add Downloaded Patched XAP , Deploy IT

    3. Once you Get a message Like Successfully Deployed Disconnect the Phone

    4. Go to storage Sense / Phone / Select The Patched Xap then Move to SD

    5. Click Remove SD from storage Sense , Remove The Card Restart the device

    6. Again Connect Your Phone To Your PC Run Xap Deploy Add another Set of XAP Deploy IT If you Get Error Restart Device Once Deploy It

    7. Insert You SD card Move it Again From Phone To SD

    8. Repeat The Process Again and again How Much Ever you Want

    Use wp powertools to manage the apps , save data , rename the game name from PC ;)

    Courtesy : Windows Phone Hub ;)

  40. nice work perfect (y)

  41. How to move all cracked apps to sd card using data sense ???

  42. works fine.

  43. A more detailed explanation please!

  44. IF anyone can provide a better intruction n steps please do so we will update it :)

  45. Working fine.Enjoy until microsoft find it out :P

  46. gonna try P:) hope this trick works

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