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[Tricks] Get rid of ban in the Asphalt 8 : Airborne and regain access to the game


Get rid of ban in the 8 Asphalt: Airborne on Windows Phone and regain access to the game?

Gameloft sincerely awarded all cheaters life ban, which attaches to the device. But! If you want to get access to the game, then this article will tell you how to regain access to the game.

What you will need:

1. Computer on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1Windows 7 will not work!
2. Asphalt 8 for Windows Phone, Patched version  Xap here . 
3. Asphalt 8 for Windows Phone 8 of official store .

The procedure to remove the ban of Asphalt 8:

1. Install Asphalt 8 on the PC. Before running, disable the Internet.
2. Start the game. When put on the menu, close the game and close it in Task Manager.
3. Come on USER – your username). Delete two files – Localprofile and profile.
4. Start the game.
5. Again we return to the folder with the files again delete these two files.
6. Go back to the game, the game begins. We pass one race.
7. Turn on the Internet.
8. We go in the game settings, go to your Facebook.
9.You should get a credentials conflict. Press the ” Match “. Agree on a replacement.
10. Finish. On Windows 8, you can already play Asphalt 8.
11. Proceed to the Windows Phone. Download version from our website, install.
12. Before starting the game , go to flight mode . All connections must be broken, or you will get banned.
13. Play a single race.
14. Exit the game, turn on the Internet.
15. We go into the game in Facebook, get the message about the conflict accounts. Choose a cloudy preservation.There should be a game that you played on a PC a few minutes ago.
16. Exit the game.
17. Remove the game.
18. Downloading the latest, official version of the store.
19. After downloading, go to Facebook, choose a cloudy preservation.
20. Congratulations! You got rid of the ban!
if you still want to cheat Asphalt 8, but do not want to get banned, next update instructions laid out here.  For giving us instructions we heartily thank Valera Bastrakova!

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  1. just do like me and giveup on the game.

    try need for speed or some other hackable game.

  2. This worked while selecting my facebook account it got banned but its okk i would log in with other fb account np thanku very much

    • Hey there, help me bro, is it only work in developer unlock wp because i try in my lumia 730, nothing work, i also reset my phone than change windows id still no work, so you think i have to unlock my 730 and try with above method, will it work ?
      Please reply, This is the final hope for me ?/?

  3. Still banned after doing this :(

  4. I couldn’t do this, it didn’t work for me, when I was prompted to select cloud or local data, i didnt get the “match” option, so i selected the local data option, and got the ban message again…

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