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[Tricks] GTA San Andreas 2.5 Gb offline DATA download


GTA San Andreas 2.5 Gb offline DATA download

For those who are having trouble downloading the the data of the gta sa can follow this below trick to deploy the data using windowsphone power tools instaed of downloading the data over wifi or pc to phone memory.Instructions:

1. Download windows phone power tools from here

2. Download the game here – Gta San Andreas Xap

3. Data Pack 2.5GB Offline (Direct Link)

4. Make sure phone does not auto lock (Change in settings)

5.  Install the game using windows phone power tools.

6. Deploy the dat files downloaded to Gta isolated storage in windows phone power tools as shown below



7. After deploying all files. restart Phone And enjoy

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  1. Can I get the version with sound?

  2. plz tell me how to solve class not register in windows power tools but my phone is already register plz tell i can not install gta

  3. Few questions. Please answer.
    1. I downloaded the offline data files and all of them were in .zip format. Do i change their extensions or do i use them like that?
    2. Which version do i download for the XAP file :, or
    3. Do i copy these files in the shared folder or in the GTA : San Andreas main directory?

  4. I don’t understand what I am supposed to do can you make a video or something for this ?
    Also where do I store the files like E:/Gta/Obn or something like that ?

  5. I downloaded all the files but it’s coming in ‘zip’ format … what I do?

  6. Do I have to copy all the .obb’s to the “Shared”-Folder? ^o^

    I start GTA:SA and it say’s, it have to download 2.5GB. But I have copied the .obb’s to “Shared”-Folder.

    Sorry, for my bad english. Hello from Germany! ;)

  7. Solution for 79% downloaded..
    Please download GTA san v1.0.0.0 xap file and then install these offline files.. These all offline data files are only compatible with v1.0.0.0.. If you are instaling xap then you face 79% download only problem.. If you use v1.0.0.2 xap then you face 44% download problem.. Download v1.0.0.0 xap and then enjoy..

    • Actually v1.0.0.2 works better on 512 devices…if u are having 79% or 44% issues, download the whole data over wifi n try it.

      We have tested on 620 n both data pack methods work fine.

    • Same problem here … I have a Lumia 730 with 1gb ram, with xap will be bad? Sorry I dont speek english very well

  8. dear admin this site helped me a lot with those sideloading apps and each of everything worked perfectly and um very grateful for that, but as like all the others i downloaded the offline data but when i start the game it says that on 79% of data available.i think that you will consider this issue and give us the solution to overcome this matter.as you can see lot of people suffers from this issue.please be kind enough to help us with this matter asap.thanx and regards!

    • Solution for 79% downloaded..
      Please download GTA san v1.0.0.0 xap file and then install these offline files.. These all offline data files are only compatible with v1.0.0.0.. If you are instaling xap then you face 79% download only problem.. If you use v1.0.0.2 xap then you face 44% download problem.. Download v1.0.0.0 xap and then enjoy..

  9. there is only 1.9gb of data listed above…you need to download remaining 600mb

  10. Hey admin I deploy all offline 2.5gb data but it show 79% on my display so what should I do please help me & tell correct procedure for deploy also?

  11. I deployed all files but 79% show for me how to fix that error help friends

  12. I deploy all 12 files in main game but still stopped in 79% plezzzzzzzzzzxx help I try remaining data but still they can’t download plzzzzzzzzzzz help my dear friendssssssssssss

  13. I deploy 20 mb files and 2.5 gb offline download but i dont have obb devloper…. So what can i do

  14. I downloaded and instaled the data pack files with windows phone tools, error in 85%.
    How i fix this error?

  15. I will download all files… To putting the files and open it… Show me 79 per download only… Plzzz help me…

  16. Hello excuse I install all .obb but appears me only to the 79 percent that I can do? Help please!

  17. i have wp8.1 in nokia lumia 520 but i tried to install optimized version but it doesn’t work i tried to install gta san andreas it works but after few minutes it close automatically plzzz help what can i do now

    <<<<<>>> plzz reply ?

  18. only 4 files were in .obb format other were .zip and after deploying these files
    and restarting the phone application starts downloading from 19 percent plz help

  19. Dexter Kudryavka

    here the mirror

  20. give me google docs link bro

  21. i install it 3 times but always show download data 2.5 gb i also try to it using wifi in my L520
    but it dosent work plsss help your other upload work like charm but this not……
    Help plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  22. hi how can I sideload the data files in lumia 920, I am using a windows 7 pc and currently facing connection error in the WP power tools above ( I have a dev unlocked phone)

  23. this is my save,test it http://www.mediafire.com/download/lyqxclvfpjo10ci/GTASAsf1.b
    if any one do that level burning desire .please give me your save

  24. burnning desire level will never sucsesfull.the dirl stuck in the building.the game has bug.she doesent come out.any one have same problem?

  25. in the level we have TO SAVE THE GIRL FROM the burning building the girl always stuck in the building .i think game has issue.what should I do?when we should get her to the home she is not apear in the street.

  26. I installed it on my nokia Lumia 520. It works awesome no lag and crashes. For no crashes you should hv 1 gb free space after installing game in internal storage. In display setting make resolution 0 and low graphics that’s all the game will never crash. Till in my handset the game is not crashed. I enjoyed so much

  27. Any Update About The Progress Of The Trimmed Version Admin??

  28. i have download all…
    and following the tutorial.
    why i must download again in my phone ??

  29. work on Lumia 520 ?? no crash ?? or No lag ??

  30. i have to put these files in shared folder or gta sana andreas folder ?

  31. it doesn’t work good
    after 30 secends game closed
    plz help me

    • It does this on every 512 RAM phones. They are trying to make a version which won’t be close all the time. Hope they will succeed.

  32. And how much time is going to take to make the trimmed down version? :D Approximately :D

  33. Oh ok.thnx for the reply..hoping that u guyz will be able to find a way out.all the best.

    windows phone hub rocks!!

  34. Does this technique solves those frequent crashes on 512mb ram devices…??”

  35. Total file size i have downloaded is 1.98 GB and not 2.5GB. Please tell me if anything wrong or these are right files.

    • Yes these files are right. Copied them and tested on my L520. Works just great No lag at all. By the way my Lumia 520 is updated to Lumia Black today. Every one must try.

      • crash prob fixed ? btw ifd i drive very slow and walk i can avoid crash sometime ” any permanent fix ? if fix apple with new xap i dnt need re download 2.5 data right it can replace ?

      • I have copied all the files to GTA but it still asks me to download 2.5 GB. Please help.

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