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[Tricks] GTA San Andreas Play without crashes on 512 Devices


GTA San Andreas Play without crashes on 512 Devices

Hi, guys recently there has been a lot of talk about gta sa crashing on 512 devices.  One of our user jay durge has come up with a trick that seems to working and we were able to play the game on Lumia 720 for 1 hour without any crash.

Follow the below trick and you should be enjoying your GTA on 512 devices..


1. Clear up about 4 gb space on your device. (very important)

2. Install the game from our site using windows phone power tools

3. Make sure you are connected to wifi network.

4. After installing the game you must have atleast 1.2 GB free space on your device (Needed for caching)

5. Start the Game.

6. Set Graphics resolution to ZERO.

7. Set graphics settings to LOW.

8. Restart the game and enjoy.

If you still face problems restart the phone before playing and reduce live tile apps to free up some more ram.


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  1. nokia lumia 520 crashes

    On my lumia 520 gta san Andreas falling. I have all detaily set on low. Please help. Sorry I little speak english

  2. where to put .obb files ? I have both (Win8MainData.obb) and (Win8PatchData.obb) files. please help me :(

  3. Crashes after tapping new game and loading screen…
    Using Nokia Lumia 625 WP8.1

    “Francis INTL. Airport” and all of that, and then it crashes and returns to home screen…

  4. Have you uploaded that 1.58 gb file anywhere , i want to test it.

  5. I can’t upload as i am using 2G network for internet. And the xap i hv created its size is 1.58 GB. So after installing you don’t need to connect to wifi to download additional data. Sorry as file size is so large i can’t upload

    • i really dont think you managed to fix it lol…if u cant upload it there is no point of fixing it :)

      • Exactly!!
        if you are telling us that you have fixed it then why don’t you let us to test….whats the point of making a fixed version then :p :(

    • I agree with Mr.Suhas and Soumavo. Even if you’ve fixed it we won’t believe unless you let us test it.
      If network is your problem then if any of your friends have any 3G or Wi-Fi, tell them.
      If they have any 3G data card and no wi-fi, reply me with their no, I’d be more than happy to recharge them for one day unlimited of any network… You can upload it from there. Your work is really useless if there won’t be people to enjoy and appreciate it…

    • so what now?

  6. On missions also it is not crashing. I hv collected weapons and money by completing missions

  7. Ok frndss now let me come to point. I develop a version which will not crash on 512 ram devices. I hv removed some errors. I edited audio files on low node. Tomorrow i will upload a video of it. But unfortunately i was unable to edit mission files and the game automatically exists after entering in 4th mission

  8. Following settings on your phone will reduce the % of crashes. Use ur network mode 2G. Turn battery saver mode on. Make brightness low.turn off your screen rotation. Turn off your location. Move your media files in SD card.make your device sound zero. It will reduce the chances of crashes upto 90%

    • Yeah, plus these settings really helped me to avoid crashes a lot:

      -Turn off wi-fi, bluetooth, locations
      -Disable “Set automatically” under date+time settings
      -Disable all background services
      -Close any minimized windows
      -Remove all live tiles or change them to icons
      -Set phone audio to 0
      -Disable kids corner (if you have enabled)
      -Set brightness to “Low” and turn off “automatic adjustment”
      -Turn off mobile data
      -Turn auto screen rotation off (If you have GDR3 or Black)
      -Free-up at least 1GB internal memory (I know that’s too difficult for 8GB devices but may try a hard reset to remove all temporary and unnecessary files then install the game, as I did)
      -Turn on battery saver (though not much required after these settings)
      -Turn on airplane mode (It’ll disconnect your carrier signal and prevent ram usage)

      Set graphics and resolution to the lowest, disable audio (restart phone after these changes to take effect completely)

      With these changes, I was able to complete the 3rd mission successfully. Still stuck at the 4th. I guess there’s some bug in the game, it’s not a memory issue. Whenever I try CJ to exit the car (there’s not any traffic or lightnings/shades that may indicate heavy ram usage), the game freezes (doesn’t auto exit though)…
      I also think if somehow audio libraries could be removed, the game size would be decreased by a big segment and can prevent further ram usage but these audio libs are really hard in case of GTA SA.

      I’ll still wait for your version Jay. How much have you progressed?

      • Thats A Hell Lot Of Work To Do..But I Am Still Hopeful That Something will Come Out Very soon..

        but jay & goutam Thanks for your valuable instructions.But still we cannot bypass crash completely.so will wait for a fresh trimmed version or further tricks

        • Yeah Soumavo, you’re most welcome and I’m waiting for the same too. I know its possible. But till then, we can keep ourselves busy with these.
          And my comment verification solveMEDIA captcha is “of course”

        • Hi there!
          I tried to install the power tools from your link because I cannot use the original power tools for some reasons but it’s not working either. When I run WindowsPhonePowerTools.exe, nothing appears after “Connect to”. My phone is developer unlocked and is not locked either. WPV XAP Deployer can detect it easily but it won’t. Can you please help? Or reupload the power tools folder you have?

          • if your phone is not locked & Your phone is dev unlocked then it should work..but it depends on the os..it works fine for me

            its a simple trick to bypass a GAC(Global Assembly Check)..But Sadly I Havn’t Implemented this process..so i’ll request you to try to run the file as a administrator.. :)


      • ooohh thats really to much work for a single game, i would suggest wait for a better version for 512 devices, we surly will post it as soon as we get our hands on it :)

      • hi gautham, games-wp just copies from us or wp-seven..y would you want to download this again from his site?? He doesn’t even know how to hack lol

        • I think you are right. Before knowing your site, I used to download stuff from “games-wp”. I guess there must be some copyright infringement issues that forced him to rename the URL to “games-wpd”. Ok I’ll wait for a working version to come out from your site… Sorry for being off the topic, I still don’t understand how Modern Combat 4 with high graphics worked so lag-free in my L520 but GTA SA sucks. I guess no publisher can be better than Gameloft in terms of optimization. Not even MS studios, Rockstar is no exception.If Gameloft were the publisher of GTA V, they could even make it into 512 ram devices.

          • Modern combat is fps so each frame is rendered on ram one after other, but since gta is open world game it has to store all the world data on ram for rendereing…N gta is 100% more demanding than MC4

          • I got your point. GTA requires all the available resources to be used at once for so many running files (people’s voices, engine voices with distances, effects change with draw distances etc). But I still believe intelligent optimization can make it possible. That’s true, GTA series is a high demanding game from over decades all over the world.

          • Rockstar’s ported games are very poorly optimized. Maybe its because its a big game…but with so many years gone by after the original release of gta sa a better optimized version was expected for 512 devices…

          • Agree. They had enough time to optimize it but it’s also true WP platform had not got much attention before the launch pf Lumia series but still the question remains in its place for 512mb android versions, they are laggy like hell. (One of my friends had installed it in his Xperia E and he uninstalled it within the same day)

          • We will post the save game soon..

          • That’d be be great!

        • DO U Mean The new 900mb trimmed version which you mentioned before?? if yes..then it is a very good news :)

          • Which version 900mb version Soumavo? Did I miss something?

          • Admin Had mentioned before that the partner site has been able to trim SA to 900mb..so that is why i am asking.see the FIFA 13 thread for more info

          • They are not able to get it to work on phone guys, They are trying to fix this…From what we have heard is crackers were able to trim the texture to ~900mb…Fingers crossed that they would come up with a working xap file for 512 devices..

          • Lets Hope Then :D

          • Thanks Soumavo. This game has become a challenge for many developers to make it to work in 512mb ram.. Rockstar must feel proud enough that their worst optimisation for WP has made the game a daring challenge..

  9. And I just discovered this guy who extracted the XAP from Samsung ATIV S and then deployed it in Lumia 620 and is working well with medium settings:

    Anyone with an ATIV S can come forward…

    • Its the same xap we also got the xap extracted from ativ…its working with minimum live tiles and low graphics setting…if its still crashing means you got to many apps and games installed and consuming ram.

      • Sorry but in fact I had too much of “media and files” issue so I had to hard reset my phone to download GTA SA and was able to get around 4.8 GB free. (yeah I downloaded the offline 2.5GB you provided). Then I had no apps other than the WP8 core apps. I even uninstalled App highlights, Transfer data and all others I could and with no live tiles running. But still unable to play missions… I’ll be waiting for the patched version as Jay told us.

  10. Hi Jay!
    I followed each of your steps but the game is still crashing in my Lumia 520 in around every 30-40 seconds, even if I don’t play missions. I guess there is no other way than decreasing graphics and resolutions in the main game files. I’ll be waiting for your trimmed version…

  11. we are not able to extract all the files required to modify n reduce ram usage…but we are surly working on 512 ram devices to get it to work…untill then this trick should be helpful

    • Thanks Admin, I wish it works!
      iPhone 4 with 512mb ram can play it. PS3 with so little ram can play GTA. I’d rather blame Rockstar. If they wanted, they could optimize it. I believe L520 can play GTA SA too.
      Asphalt 8, Six Guns, Modern Combat 4 (works really smooth w/o a single crash in my L520) gives me hope… :)

  12. I am trying to develop trim version but as the files are not accessible directly so it take time and hard work

  13. For better performance update your phone to Lumia black update

    • Well,My Phone Is Already Updated To Lumia Black..& it crashes continuously even if i walk or drive slow…so i think these tricks are not gonna work.better to cut down the resolution & internal graphics manually using pro tools..please admin do something!

  14. I used offline data

  15. Yes i hv complete 2 missions. To complete missions don’t use mass controls at the timt. Today i will upload a video on it. And in crowd traffic run your bike slow….

  16. It still crashes. We need a really patched version, not just one with changed manifest, cause this way GTA won’t work ever.

  17. crashe crashe crashe :-(

    plz help . lumia 620

  18. Im actually downloading 2,5gb over wifi and after this i’ll try to play san andreas on my L720 so i can tell you if this works or not.

    • Well, game is still crash on L720 even with 2,2gb free storage and everything set on low.
      I even tried to play with airplane mode on, battery saver on, and turned off all background tasks.

  19. How many of u are now able to play game????

  20. Hi. I have a question. I deploy the game with the contests (2.5gb) or I download from the game with wifi?

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