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[Cheats] Hack The Tiny Bang Story on Windows Phone to Full Version?

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Hack The Tiny Bang Story on Windows Phone to Full Version?

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it here

The Tiny Bang Story for Windows Phone is actually not so free. Probably many who have played it are faced with a problem – a request to buy the game near the end of the first quest. But this problem is solved, because for you we found a way to get around in-game purchase in The Tiny Bang Story.



1. Download the game in format XAP  The Tiny Bang Story for Windows Phone from our site.

2. Install the game using the   Windows Phone Power Tools . This is necessary, otherwise you will not get access to Isolated Storage.

3. Go to the WPPT tab Isolated Storage , get there game  The Tiny Bang Story expand the list of game files. Scroll down to the folder config and just expand it.

4. Locate the file che.dat click  “Get”  and save it to any location.

5. Open it in  Notepad + +  (can try and standard notebook).

6. Change the first line with che = 1 to che = 0 , save the file.

7. Tick ​​the Windows Phone Power Tools  “Overwrite Existing” .

8. Click  “Put File” , locate the file that you edited.

9. Close WPPT, unplug the phone, start the game. Done – you on the phone a full game The Tiny Bang Story!

Download : Che.dat

Having Problems with Xap or Appx Deployment? Please go through the Beginners Guide.
PS : Always buy genuine apps & games to support the developers. Please dont use patches unless you cant afford to buy it or if apps are not supported for your region. 

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  1. Can you guys do hack the game battle of chepauk!!!!! I really love that game!!! Thank you…

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